Psycho Cop Returns


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Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Psycho cop is the ultimate crazy party crasher

Deranged Satan-worshipping police officer Joe Vickers (robustly played with lip-smacking unhinged brio by Robert J. Schafer) stalks and kills a bunch of annoying and unlikable white collar yuppies who are holding a wild after hours party in the office building they all work in.

Director Adam Rifkin, working from a blithely inane script by Don Povenmire, relates the enjoyably asinine story at a zippy pace, maintains a cheerfully broad'n'brazen tongue-in-cheek tone throughout (there's even an especially audacious parody of the infamous Rodney King beating towards the end!), and delivers oodles of outrageous over-the-top gore as well as a generous serving of tasty T&A. Moreover, it's a real twisted treat to see the obnoxious yuppie jerk victims being bumped off by Vickers in assorted gruesome and sadistic ways (the pencil in the eye gag rates as the definite nasty splatter highlight). Schafer has an absolute eye-rolling hambone ball as the titular loony flatfoot who's always cracking hilariously cheesy one-liners every time he kills someone. As a yummy plus, statuesque brunette stunner Julie Strain struts her sizzling stuff as a cowgirl stripper and runs around in revealing chaps. A total trashy blast.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 3 / 10

So yeah...Psycho Cop is back

After a day of cop related slashers, it's kind of nice to know that I'm finally winding down with the final film - 1992's Adam Rifkin-directed Psycho Cop Returns. Yes, the same Adam Rifkin that wrote and directed The Dark Backward, as well as being the writer for Small Soldiers, Mouse Hunt and Underdog. He also directed the KISS-centric Detroit Rock City.

Writer Dan Povenmire was offered the chance to direct the film, but as this would require him to quit his job on The Simpsons. Therefore, he declined the opportunity.

Officer Joe Vickers - again played by Robert R. Shafer - is continuing his series of murders for Satan. This time, he's pretty much going Die Hard on a drug-fuelled office bachelor party.

This is one of the few slashers you'll see where one of the victims ended up winning the Academy Award afterward. But Nick Vallelonga, who plays Michael, co-wrote and produced Green Book.

To balance that out, the ladies of the film are played by the always dependable Julie Strain (pretty much every late Andy Sidaris movie, but let's go with Return to Savage Beach), Melanie Good, Maureen Flaherty and Carol Cummings, billed here under her non-adult stage name Kimberly Spies. The two go-go dancers are Brittany Ashland (adult actress Tanya Rivers) and Sara Lee Froton, whose only other credit is the deranged slasher Skinner. They were both discovered by the director at an actual bachelor party. And the host of that party? Charlie Sheen.

John Paxton, the father of actor Bill Paxton, also shows up as Mr. Stonecipher, the boss of this office building that's being used for sexual and drug-addled hijinks.

Just like the first film in this series, you have the right to remain silent during it, as the humor and gore may just not be your cup of tea. Or you might totally love it. The jury, as they say, is out.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 2 / 10

Psycho Cop Returns

Squares in suits, working in cubicles in some city high rise company, are having a secret bachelor party in the building and will be the unfortunate victims of Bobby Ray Shafer's lunatic, devil-worshiping cop who seems impervious to pain (an ax to the stomach is merely a flesh wound and a fall down an elevator shaft several floors barely makes him limp while chasing the "final heroine"). That's it in a nutshell. While dropping lame endless kill and cop quips, Shafer has his fun decimating practically all characters he comes in contact with. A pencil to the eye, a spear that skewers two adulterous lovers to a wall, a toss of a bimbo off the balcony into a garbage bin below, gun shots that spread the back of skulls to the wall, and even a snapped neck, Shafer has plenty of victims to murder in various ways. I think "Psycho Cop Returns" (I'm not sure any sequel to the wretched original was ever begged for) was an example of the tired slasher genre DOA at the beginning of the 90s. It seems nobody told these guys that people had become numb to these movies by 1992.

The murders are, at some points, somewhat well orchestrated, but the flat, often very obtrusive score (it even tells us when we are supposed to laugh at Shafer's dull jokes which are as obvious and old hat as his comedy killer routine) even ruins what could have been (and still somewhat is) a sizzling softcore sex scene between the attractive, sweaty, pulsating bodies of Justin Carrol and Carol Cummings. Julie Strain is recognized in the credits as "1993's Penthouse Pet of the Year", and she shows up as one of the strippers for the bachelor party (and subsequently the one of many to be on Shafer's kill-list body count). Barbara Niven, as the super-hot accountant, is the heroine of the picture, who will try to out-maneuver the seemingly unkillable Shafer, but everything she tries fails because he just doesn't die. I mean, how can this man outlast a five-minute beat down on the outside of a beer joint as barflies lay into him with aluminum bats repeatedly?!?! He even takes a flaming hairspray via cigarette lighter to the face and seems good to go not long after as if it was merely a scratch for Petesake! I know defenders of this pile of bile will say to me, "Scarecrow, why don't you lighten up? It's not to be taken seriously. It's all in good fun." But, come on, how far can I suspend my disbelief? Really, are the jokes in this really *that* funny? I guess some will say yes, but I just wanted it over as soon as possible. When chicks with overexposed fake tits even bore me, I know the film has no reason to exist. I noticed Niven has stayed busy, she sure was sexy in this movie, but easily duped by Shafer into dropping a gun at the promise he wouldn't shoot the victim in the head is certainly one of many "head-scratching" moments in this dire misfire. Miles Dougal, as the nerdy Brian, is positively painful in his role, whether he's in hysterics or really nervous, everything is heightened to an absurd degree. Oh, vey.

Shafer resurrected himself on "The Office" as Bob Vance, a wonderful supporting part that has really given his career a needed boost from junk such as the Psycho Cop films. I imagine, no matter what I say about this insipid waste of time, many will still celebrate this as bad-movie heaven—eat your hearts out. Ugh.

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