Psycho Sister-In-Law



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Sterling Jones as Turner Stevens
Lydia Hearst as Zara Downes
Brando Eaton as Nick Downes
Andrea Bowen as Haley Downes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nightroses 2 / 10


The film was wooden. There was nice but dim pregnant woman and her thick husband, airhead stepmother-to-be and widow. The sister-in-law is her thicko husband's long lost sister. No one ever considered to check her background, documents or birth certificate but took her on board. And why are they living in a Mount Olympus type abode instead of a normal house? None of the characters behave like real people, and they're all extremely stupid.

Reviewed by scriabin17 8 / 10

Good movie!

This Lifetime movie is above average with a strong cast. A couple are due for a baby soon, but the husband's father dies suddenly with a mistress and everyone's ready to inherit part of the estate. Enter the husband's half-sister, played beautifully by Lydia Hearst (related to the Hearst dynasty) who wantsALL of the money and the baby to herself. What will she do? Tune in to find out! Definitely recommend this one!

Reviewed by lmnclips 8 / 10

Good movie, but it has its flaws

I enjoyed this movie, it had mediocre acting and a nice dialogue, but there were a few flaws and plot holes here and there, When Reid was attacking Nick and Haley while they were asleep, you could clearly see that it was a stunt double. If you're going to use a stunt double, don't make it so obvious and make sure there face isn't showing. After Zara had killed Reid, his body was never found (although his construction hat was) as if he had just disappeared into thin air. I've mentioned this in my previous review on cheer squad secrets, that one of my pet peeves is that after character gets murdered, their dead body just vanishes, it's really annoying. And this is one of the many issues that I have with lifetime. Other than those 3 flaws I would definitely recommend this movie!


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