Psycho Sisters


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 306

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Very entertaining horror comedy romp

Mean and domineering Jane (the luscious Theresa Lynn) and the sweet and ditsy Jackie (adorable J.J. North) are sisters who suffer from severe trauma after witnessing the murder/suicide of their parents as well as the rape and murder of their sibling Janice by a gang of nasty punks. The pair are deemed fit to re-enter society and get released from a sanitarium where they underwent extensive rehabilitation therapy. However, Jane and Jackie prove to be anything but sane and harmless as they embark on a brutal spree in which they torture, murder, and mutilate any man luckless enough to cross their lethal paths. Director Peter Jacelone, who also co-wrote the cheerfully demented script with James L. Edwards, pours on the hilariously tasteless pitch-black humor and blithely excessive over-the-top gory carnage with considerable glee and gusto as our titular wacko duo do their delightfully crazy thing. The spirited performances by Lynn and especially North keep the picture humming throughout; they display an utterly charming chemistry and really have a ball with their fierce verbal sparring scenes. Anthony Bruno contributes a likable turn as Jackie's nice guy love interest Todd (he works at a sperm bank!) while Michael Devlin and Stacy Matthewson are funny as the two sleazeball detectives on the case. Better still, both female leads bare their beautifully bountiful breasts and the movie pulls out all the stops with a gloriously wild and surprising climactic confrontation between the police and a bunch of greasy bikers. An absolute hoot.

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10

Psychotic sisters on a manhunt ..........

Now I am not saying "Psycho Sisters" is a good movie. It certainly does not fulfill the directors vision as a frightening serial killer film. What it is, is an entertaining over the top "dark comedy", that wears it's low budget proudly. Hateful sisters, Theresa Lynn and J.J. North, creatively kill a nice assortment of guys, adding their "members" to a rapidly growing collection of male sex organs. Exploitive? Certainly. Entertaining? Definitely. Although the "black comedy" element is sporadic, scenes such as killing a couple bikers with a well hidden machete is a good example of the macabre humor. Remember the sisters credo, "The only good man is a dead man" . - MERK

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 6 / 10

Sexy slasher sisters

Two blonde, buxom sisters go on a male killing spree after being released from a psychiatric clinic, all to avenge the rape & murder of their other sibling. Very low budget, bad acting and cheap special effects, but there's also plenty of humour to be found here & thankfully it works! If you're a fan a trashy slasher/exploitation movies then this I recommended.

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