Puberty Blues


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 1354

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdaniels-4 6 / 10


Unintentionally hilarious? Well sometimes yes, but it's also a film that deserves to be more than just "forgotten" Why? because it depicts, in a fairly accurate manner, a slice of Australian culture from the 1970's. Based on the book of the same name by Kathy Lette & Gabrielle Carey, it's the story of two teenage girls growing up near the beachside suburb of Cronulla. Watching the film today, you wish that the characters weren't so one-dimensional, and that a more balanced view of society wasn't shown, but this is the girls' story & it's told from their perspective. Anyone who lived near a beach or even just went to school in Australia around that time can surely recognise some of the scenes depicted. Other people may be merely baffled however, as films with a strong cultural relevance sometimes have little or no meaning to outsiders. Good or bad though, this is not an Australian film to simply dismissed.

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10

Nothing new but enjoyable

Movie about two Australian girls--Debbie (Nell Schofield) and Sue (Sue Knight)--and what happens when they become girlfriends of two surfer guys.

I caught this at an art cinema here in America in 1981. Technically I was still a teenager (I was 19) so I was interested in seeing how Australian teens acted. Script wise there's nothing new here. It shows the usual teenage adventures dealing with dating, sex, suicide etc etc. I always knew what was going to happen before it did but I was never bored. What I found interesting was, despite the accent and a few changes in clothes and hair, these teenagers aren't much different than American teens. They had many of the same difficulties and hang-ups. Also this was based on a book from a real surfer girl and her true life adventures and (I heard) it was a faithful adaptation of it. The acting was just OK but the actors were attractive and this was well-made and pretty interesting. So this is no unsung masterpiece but a pretty accurate portrayal of what it's like being a teenager and trying to be with the popular kids. I give it a 7.

Reviewed by a-haake 7 / 10

A chick flick but still worth a look

I don't know if I'd go as far as to say that this movie belongs to the 'Aussie trash' pile, but it's fair to say that there are no Academy Award nominees here. What must be considered is that most of the actors in this film weren't actually actors as such, just kids with nothing better to do at the time. There were many others that were offered roles in the film but turned them down to go surfing up the coast; all things taken into account, it really wasn't a bad movie for its time. In some respects it's really not unlike today's times, where peer pressure is still alive and kicking, just without the mobile phones, computers and other similar gadgets that kids lived without, unlike this generation. Anyway, I have to rate this flick as an old fave that I watch once in a blue moon and never take too seriously...

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