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Tahmoh Penikett as Charles McBean
Ana Sani as Brianna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by azamkhan232001 10 / 10


Great movie and a great follow-up to a beloved, cult web series. Pure Pwnage is a perfect window into the world of hardcore gaming...with some fantasy elements mixed in, a bit of humanity, and a ton of comedy. From the first episode, this was a well-planned and well-executed series. That is amazing for a crew of any size, let alone a handful of independent film-makers. This movie takes what was best about the web series and updates it to the present. As funny as ever, I highly recommend this movie to any fan of gaming and anyone who wants a good laugh. The comedy shines through as always. Even if one has never seen the Pure Pwnage web series, they will be able to pick up on some of that comedy. But really, this is meant for fans of the show who know the background of the various characters! 10/10

Reviewed by originalitydaniel 7 / 10

Great nostalgia trip but way too heavy on league content that ends up alienating non league players.

First off it was great with the exception of the league heavy scenes.

I'm not a league player and when i watched the original web series i wasn't a WoW player however the majority of the jokes on specific games in the webseries could still be funny as you the viewer would see the jokes from the perspective of not understanding just as most other characters do.

This film has certain scenes that can only be enjoyed if you understand the metagame of League of Legends so any time those scenes popped up especially the ending id sit back and think "well okay.. they're killing them.. and uh they won?" then everyone would go ballistic over this crazy play that i have No idea what happened in it.

the old web series would often sneak in a game specific joke but it didn't linger on it, when the old webseries lingered on a specific game it was usually very easy to understand even if a gamer hasn't played WoW or Counter Strike or C&C Generals or CoD the big scenes could still be understood from an outsider. In this film the big LoL scenes i barely understood and it took a lot of enjoyment out of the film for me.

I do wonder what other non League players think of this film.

Maybe it's not as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be it's just for me i felt like i Really should've understood more instead of being a clueless bystander.

Even if id never played Counter Strike and end tournament was about CS:GO id think any gamer could've easily understood what was going on such as the old EP8 Lanageddon episode.

I really don't have a problem with League i just have a problem with my inability to understand what the hell was going on during those scenes.

Ultimately it was a huge nostalgia trip, i do hope we see more PP content in the future and despite my desperate attempt at describing my own inability's it's a great film with classic characters and some interesting new ones. They're free to meld the new PP in to whatever they want and hopefully ill be around to watch it.

Reviewed by tehmakrer 8 / 10

A great addition to Pure Pwnage for 2016 *Spoiler Free Review*

To start I am a big fan of the Pure Pwnage franchise, I have followed them since the old web series days, and have loved all of the content Jarett and Geoff have made. I am one of their Indiegogo backer, and have waited a long time for this film.

That being said I thought this movie was alright for what it had to work with. This was not a home run by any means, but it did deliver for the Pure Pwnage fans. There were many call backs to the original web series which was very nostalgic.

The movie was heavy in League of Legends content, though I am very familiar with League, I could see how if you have never played it or have watched it you would be lost. This is a movie made by gamers for gamers, and as it stands League is the most popular competitive multiplayer game at the moment, which they did utilize well. For those who don't understand League they did briefly explain the rule in a few scenes.

While the first act delivered the hardest, and put a new spin on the characters to modernize them for 2016, the second and third act seemed a bit to convenient for many story elements. Also many of the characters actions didn't make sense for what many scenes led you to believe toward the end of the film.

To end this review I would like to say that I am glad this movie was made and it was a good expansion on the Pure Pwnage brand, and I think its a movie worth watching, especially for gamers. This movie did "make the world suck less".

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