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Domee Shi as Office Lady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by creepybby 1 / 10

Sexist, Hypocritical and Unrealistic

If there was a company like BRO Capital, it would be destroyed in social media and may even be charged with a crime or two.

What this film IS a good depiction of is how quick most liberals are to revert to racism and sexism themselves in order to support their own idiotic fantasies surrounding gender politics. For example ... Is it better to stereotype every single male in the cartoon as being a white frat boy with identical hair cuts and suits just to complain that women are disadvantaged in the workplace? Even when they're not? This cartoon is at least 50 years too late for the corny political message it's trying to sell and equality isn't about trashing white guys, it's about putting everyone on the same level, no one being disadvantaged or put on a pedestal. Unfortunately this film bags on men just to shine a light on women. Something that probably won't be looked favorably upon in the future. Sexism is sexism and racism is racism, after all, no matter who is the target of the stereotypes.

Kind of reminds of how Google got sued for paying women more than men in order to prove that they don't have a wage gap at their company. They also got sued for giving sign-on bonuses to minorities in an effort to create more racial diversity among their employees. This is a lot like that. A myopic, bigoted and misguided effort by liberal media to cater to the teenage voices they hear on social media. Voices that know and understand very little about the real world around them as opposed to the social media fantasy world that they overindulge in on a daily basis.

Reviewed by robinhio84_ 9 / 10

It's a real story

As a man I need to speak out here. You're probably wondering: WHY is this rated so low. It's a light storytelling of someone's experience in a way nothing more or less. It's not to attack anyone, but just message that you should be yourself. Wilhich is important

It's cutely done and was a surprising little gem. You could almost say that the low voting confirms the challenge for some ;)

Reviewed by grrr-25 1 / 10

If this is the future of Pixar, I'll have to neglect them

Not just rude, but I think this kind of white male stereotyping is horribly toxic.

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