Queen of the Underworld


Action / Crime


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joeshoe89 5 / 10

Chinese soap opera?

There are very few votes and no comments on this movie. Maybe everyone just assumes this is some sort of sex comedy. It's not. Amy Yip plays a hooker who rises to madam of a "health" house who takes very good care of the girls who work there. She is protected by the cops and a godfather type guy. She has a baby and the baby grows up to be a preteen who battles with mom and then I'm guessing Pauline Chan who wants to marry her mom's arch enemy some evil guy who gets humiliated by mom and forced to live in Holland much to his dismay for eight years. He becomes rich and powerful and takes his revenge on Yip by raping the daughter on videotape and sending it to her fiancée so Pauline who is now a famous TV actress loses the fiancée and everything and kills herself in a off camera bloody way. Yip gets all her girls together and they beat the crap out of evil guy then Yip uses the same method her daughter used to kill herself to kill him. While this may sound pretty good there really is little nudity or sex here. Even if this was lets say a Lifetime movie there would be more eroticism then there is here. And here's the hard part. This has the famous white hard coded subtitles that make almost no sense to anyone who understands English and they disappear for several spoken passages. For those who speak Chinese I figure this movie makes a lot more sense. Basically this is worth a look see but I can't imagine watching it twice.

Reviewed by ebiros2 6 / 10

Amy Yip shows her Talent

This is the only movie with Amy Yip in a serious role. It shows that she was underrated as an actor, and can carry a movie on her own.

Amy Yip plays a role of a madam who worked herself up to that position through lot of hard work. She has a daughter, but her relation with her isn't quite working well. She has few good friends, and although people look down on her because of her profession, she lives her life with her own grittiness, and hard work.

Movie has Wong Jing's early style in that story has hard luck case character with story climaxing into a pandemonium.

Amy Yip looks beautiful as she usually does, and the supporting actors are also very good. Because of her exceptional physical good looks, Amy Yip wasn't given enough serious roles she deserved. This movie shows she had the talent to carry the story. She's pretty good in the business woman type of a role.

The movie could have been made with a bigger budget, and it would have been more fun. Wong Jing's usual expensive look and feel is missing from this movie. The movie makes me wonder what would have happened if Amy Yip was given a role like the lead in Naked Killer ( with more money angle to it ). But in any case this is a good movie and recommended for viewing.

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