Queens of Evil

1970 [ITALIAN]

Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 297

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rundbauchdodo 6 / 10

Great climax repays for slow start

This rare French-Italian coproduction tells the story of David (Ray Lovelock), a young hippie, who meets three mysterious, but beautiful young women in the woods by a lake. They take him under their spell, and when he finds out, it's too late.

Tonino Cervi's film is an atmospheric horror movie with erotic moments and some psychedelic sequences. Ray Lovelock boosts one of his earliest sympathetic performances in an Italian genre film, and the three seductive women of evil, among them Ewelyn (Ida Galli) Stewart, are convincing as well. Too bad that the movie has an awfully long time to take off, the first part gets boring as it proceeds. But the second part repays well, especially the final 20 minutes that culminate in a really harrowing climax that should satisfy every horror buff. Rating: 6 out of 10.

By the way: Ray Lovelock also features as composer and performer of the film's two songs, which are quite nice to listen to.

Reviewed by Bezenby 6 / 10

Never Trust a Hippy!

Dippy hippy David is travelling freely through somewhere or other on his motorbike, feeling the wind in his hair and superiority on his ego. He lives free, is not faithful to any woman because 'that would make him unfaithful to all the other women', you know, all that crap. I suppose I'll give him credit for stopping to help a sinister old man who's got a flat tyre, but let's face it: the guy's a sponger. That's what this film is – a parable on what happens when you're a want your money for nothing and your chicks for free.

After David somehow manages to kill this old guy in a car crash, he hides out in a shed for a while, until he discovers that the house next to the shed is inhabited by three ladies. There's Samantha (dirty-looking, too skinny) Bibiana (grumpy, too skinny) and Liv (Naïve, another dippy hippy) who invite him in for breakfast – gigantic cakes! Wait – those cakes stand for symbolism! That means that the other bit where they give him an apple to eat...

It might be a good time to describe the interior of this house too – the living room is filled with hundreds of cushions, some fake trees, and three gigantic pictures of the chicks on the back wall. Their rooms also have a huge picture and a velvet covered bed each and their kitchen is a bizarre angular nightmare made up fifty-thousand shelves and dookits. This is useful information I'm giving you here, as usual.

There's something about the way these girls can teleport about the place and perform satanic ceremonies that Raymond just doesn't like, but he's gets to bang all three of them so what does he care? They all keep going on about some castle where some strange guy lives and how Raymond got to meet this guy who the girls have a secret meeting with, and so on and so forth until the ending that completely shifts the tone of the film.

What makes it so bizarrely watchable is that these three girls seem to have limitless supply of long flowing gowns of many colours, mental make up and crazy wigs, and throughout the film the wigs get bigger and more insane. There's also a really huge arty streak throughout this one, from the twitchy editing to the bizarre sequences where Ida Galli has some sort of weird dragon painted on one boob, to the hellish soundtrack of Ray Lovelock singing some song about how this and that is 'gonna get ya'.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

so little actually happens

A colourful tale in beautiful lakeside, woodland setting where three wondrous ladies reside, in all their mystery. The film opens with Raymond Lovelock as a motorcycling hippie encountering a Rolls Royce owner, who comes across aforementioned ladies. Ida Galli has appeared in dozens of films including many gialli, her very first film being La Dolce Vita. Silvia Monti was in several notable films including the following year's, Lizard in a Woman's Skin and Haydee Politoff was in two notable cult films the previous year, Interrabang and Check to the Queen. I wish I could be more positive about this most likable film but although the ladies are lovely, Lovelock does a fine job and the director also, plus fantastic costumes, so little actually happens.

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