2006 [SPANISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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Emily Rios as Magdalena
Alicia Sixtos as Eileen May Garcia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charlietperez 7 / 10

Echo Park and Jesse Garcia

A slice of life from a very recognizable other planet. The Echo Park section of Los Angeles. It could be so many other places and at the same time it couldn't be anywhere else. New life and death co-mingling in almost perfect harmony. Love coming out of the most unexpected quarters, heroic gestures, prejudice and solitude. There is much to commend in this tiny tale with major implications. Two directors with a compassionate look and real affection. For me, personally, meant the introduction to a major talent: Jesse Garcia. He plays a character that seems to walk a permanent tight rope and yet he is so completely himself that you can't take your eyes of the guy because you know for certain he is going to surprise you in the best possible way. Excellent.

Reviewed by IAN-Cinemaniac 8 / 10

QUINCEANERA is a lovely, sweet, real, touching charmer One of the best of 2006

I just had the pleasure of catching this lovely gem QUINCEANERA (aka: Echo Park, L.A. in Europe) and I absolutely adored it. It was so refreshing to see a movie about Mexican Americans that wasn't all about gang violence and drugs. This is a lovely and insightful film about family, tradition and life as a Latino in Los Angeles, California. This film deals with a lot of issues from homosexuality, teen pregnancy, family, racism... without ever seeming preachy or forced. The acting by the two leads is some of the finest I've seen in a while and I'm a movie addict. And just when you think the film is about to stumble into the world of cliché it's lifted to an even higher level of beauty and realism. I don' know what else to say without giving away too much other than see this film and you won't be disappointed. This is by far one of the best and most rewarding films I've seen so far this year and that's saying a lot from a guy that sees way too many movies. See this movie and tell your friends about it because they don't make enough movies like this and this kind of art needs our support.

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10

Sweet fifteen

Mexican and other Latin American immigrants bring with them their traditions. It's a custom in many Spanish speaking countries to have a big party in honor of a girl who celebrates her fifteen years, an age where they are considered to have reached a milestone in their womanhood. We are taken to a celebration of an elaborate "sweet fifteen" party at the start of the story, in which the girl, being honored dresses in a gown and is accompanied by her closest friends. These parties become quite elaborate, depending on the income of the parents.

Magdalena, a pretty young woman, not yet fifteen, attends her cousin Eileen's party and is paired with the young man she is in love with, Herman. Eileen is the center of attraction, as she dances the opening waltz surrounded by her attending friends and their escorts. It's clear that Eileen's parents have done well in their new adopted country, and they dote on their daughter. Magdalena's parents, on the other hand, are struggling to make a living.

During the celebration, Carlos, Eileen's disgraced brother, crashes the party to present some flowers he has stolen to his sister, but he is chased away. Carlos, who is gay and has no place to go, ends up taking refuge with his great-uncle Tomas, an elderly man living in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. Tomas lives in the lower level of a house that has been bought by two gay lovers. Gays, in general have been buying property in Echo Park, displacing the Mexicans, as they gentrify the area.

Magdalena, who would be fifteen soon, is offered her cousin's dress for her own party. Unfortunately, she has filled up and the gown is too small for her. Herman, who has been making sexual demands of Magdalena, was impregnated by the young woman, something that in their inexperience didn't count on. When Magdalena's father discovers the truth, he banishes her from his house; he feels as though she has betrayed her parents and her church. Magdalena also takes refuge with Uncle Tomas, the kind man who welcomes all these problem children without passing judgment, or speaking down to them.

Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, the directors of "Quinceanera" have produced a surprising work that examines a lot of problems within the Mexican community in L.A. They also seem to have in mind the way that gentrification ruin the same area they are trying to improve. On the one hand, yes, they get fantastic prices for property that is beyond the means of most poor families, and then, they don't contribute anything to the fabric of the people they are displacing. The invaders, mainly gay, are another minority that has been discriminated, but they actually just concentrate in real estate values, rather than sharing the area with long standing Mexicans living in the area.

The film is made better by the two stars, Emily Rios and Jesse Garcia. Both Ms. Rios and Mr. Garcia make their characters more appealing with little effort. Chalo Gonzalez, a veteran actor plays the kind Tomas with his usual style. J.R. Cruz is seen as Herman, the boy who disgraces Magdalena and runs away from her at the time he needed his support.

"Quinceanera" is a bittersweet story made with great love by its creators, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. This is a film that will stay with the viewer because of its simplicity which has an universal appeal.

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