R.E.G.I.N.A. I Am


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 2.6 10 63

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

I.M.P.R.E.S.S.E.D. I Am Not...

Sure, when I sat down to watch this 2020 comedy titled "R. E. G. I. N. A. I Am", which I hadn't even heard about prior to watching it, I can't claim to be harboring much of any expectations to the movie.

But you just know that when the writer, director and lead actor is the one and the same, then you will most likely not be in for a grand cinematic experience. Still, I opted to watch Matt Spease's "R. E. G. I. N. A. I Am" on the notion that the movie had the benefit of the doubt, and who knew, it might just be entertaining.

Well, no it wasn't really entertaining. It was sort of cringeworthy watching this movie movie actually, especially since the writing, acting and whole movie in general just felt like a film class home project.

The acting in the movie was dubious, but at least it looked like the people in the movie were enjoying themselves and having fun filming this movie. But of course, with characters that felt incomplete and dialogue that was just written out to be wooden and monotonous, of course the actors and actresses could do only so much.

As for the contents of the storyline? Well, let's just say that Matt Spease tried. I wasn't impressed by what I witnessed on the movie, yet I managed to endure the movie up to just having 30 minutes left to watch. Then I had too much and gave up, as it was clear that the movie was going to proceed out the same very monotonous path it had been going down all up to that point.

Hats off to the people involved here for trying, but this movie was a swing and a miss for me. I am rating "R. E. G. I. N. A. I Am" a generous two out of ten stars.

Reviewed by nicolasmaczk 2 / 10

I don't know anymore, is it funny?

A creepy 60 year old dude lives in his 50 years old mother's attic, and creates the most advanced robot on earth with the help of some crispy socks. His gorgeous but sweaty 25 years old best friend comes to visit and discovers the robot, Regina. An instant classic! I won't spoil the movie, you got to see it by yourself with some friends and some beer, and find a game to do while you're watching. I can't give more than 2 stars since you got to provide the entertainment by yourself, but I imagine that it could be a good laugh.

It's obviously someone who wanted to tell a story, but had no idea how to do so. Camera work is probably done by one of the little sisters, editing maybe done on a phone, it's hard to tell, everything is too amateurish to be taken seriously, or to be taken like a "real" production.

I can see what they were going for, but... I don't think it's going to redeem anything. So yeah, nothing serious, try to have a laugh (I don't think they took it too seriously either), so no harm there.

Reviewed by mikekemp60-115-548149 1 / 10


Imagine a student film from the early 1970s where the guy promised his friends beer and pizza to act in his film, but only gave them Tab and crackers.

It would still have been filmed and acted better than this.

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