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1955 [SPANISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcldan 7 / 10

Possibly, the best Spanish film of the 50's

Spain, about 1950, the radio is the main way of communication in most all the homes of Spain. Regarding this, the film tells us five stories that have, as a main point, the radio. Two men that follow the early morning Gym program; two Spanihs Edisons that need money for a patent, and take part in a show that will prize the first that arrives to the Radio dressed as a Eskimo; a thief that answers the phone when he is robbing in a house and wins a prize; a little town's teacher that has to take part in a quiz show to win the money needed to pay the travel to Sweden of an ill boy of the town; and the one that mixes everything: the relation between two of the radio speakers. The movie shows perfectly how was the radio vital for most of the people at that time, and how could their lives change only for being "on the air". With a very good acting and a surprisingly fresh script, the film is able the give you a pleasant half and hour of good cinema. It is the prove that it is not necessary to see modern films to enjoy a movie. Probably, one of the best Spanish films of all times, and of course, the best of the 50's.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia's enjoyable reminiscence about the golden age of radio.

A nostalgic look at radio's golden age focusing on presenters , hosts , guests , radio listeners , public and the various performers in the medium , dealing with three amusing stories . First story deals with several contestants have to go to a radio station studio : Radio Madrid dressed as Eskimo and with dog , one of them is José Isbert who wishes urgently money , three thousand pesetas , for an invention . The second concerning a thief (Angél de Andrés López) answering a call in the house which he's robbing and subsequently his landlord (José María Lado) to be aware about it . And a third one regarding a school teacher (Alberto Romea) who participates in a radio Quiz show called ¨Doble o nada¨ to get money to cure a kid of his village . The stories are linked by a pair of fatty men (Juán Calvo) doing gym hearing radio , the love story of a presenter (Francisco Rabal) and his girlfriend (Margarita Audrey) and appearance by famous speaker Bobby Deglané and through interviews of actual celebrities at the time . Osé María Lado

Entertaining and engaging film with socilal habits , religious sentiment , fraternity and good feeling . The common denominator in all the stories and in the overarching plot is the presence of the radio - it brought music, news, stories, escape and comfort, made stars of everyday people and was often the glue in families and relationships . A series of vignettes involving radio personalities is intertwined with the lives of various attractive characters . Being three different stories very influenced by ¨Luis Garcia Berlanga's Bienvenido Mister Marshall¨ (1952) as well as the Comedian Italian in episodes from the Fifities created by writer/producer Sergio Amadei . In Historias de la radio(1955) stands out a great main and support cast with plenty of familiar faces of the Fifties , giving all of them nice interpretations .

This sentimental motion picture was competently directed by Jose Luis Saenz De Heredia who went on making a sequel : Historias de la Television (1965) with Concha Velasco , José Luis López Vázquez and Alfredo Landa . Heredia was a controversial figure in Spain because of his strong and unabashed support of dictator Francisco Franco . At the beginning his career he was hired by Luis Buñuel , as executive producer , to direct ¨La Hija De Juan Simon¨ (1935) and ¨Quien Me Quiere a Mi¨ . During the Spanish Civil War , Jose Luis Heredia is detained but freed thanks to Luis Buñuel and Santiago Ontañon . Heredia directed various ¨Propaganda films¨ . It is well known the main title ¨Raza¨ written by General Francisco Franco under pseudonym : ¨Jaime Andrade¨ . As Jose Luis became the official filmmaker of the dictatorship , as he writes ¨Escuadrilla¨ (1941) . Posteriorly ,in the 40s , he directs several successful dramas : ¨El Escandalo¨ (43) based on Pedro Alarcón novel , ¨Mariona Rebull¨(1947) based on Ignacio Agusti book , ¨La Aguas Bajan Negras¨ based on Armanado Palacio Valdes , ¨El Destino Se Disculpa¨ based on Wenceslao Fernández Florez , ¨Don Juan¨ based on Don Juan Tenorio by Zorrilla , ¨Bambu¨ about the Cuba War and ¨¨Mies Es Mucha¨. In addition , a very good drama about Carlistas wars : ¨Diez Fusiles Esperan¨ . Heredia subsequently makes inferior comedies as ¨Grano De Mostaza¨, ¨Derechos De La Mujer¨ and ¨La Decente¨ . And various Manolo Escobar/Concha Velasco vehicles such as ¨Pero En Que País Vivimos¨, ¨Juicio De Faldas¨, Relaciones Casi Publicas ¨and ¨Me Debes Un Muerto¨. And other films for Paco Martínez Soria: ¨Se Armo El Belen¨, ¨Don Erre Que Erre¨. His greatest hits were ¨Historia De La Radio¨(1955) and ¨La Verbena De La Paloma¨ or ¨The fair of the dove¨.

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