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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Tale of a down-and-out Doc in rural Mexico.

"Rage" is a highly unusual film for Glenn Ford. Heck, it's a highly unusual film...period. The story is set in rural Mexico and finds Dr. Reuben (Ford) working with the local villagers...and drinking himself half to death. Through the course of the film you realize why he's there and why he's drinking. Years before, his actions resulted in his wife's death...and he seems to be doing pennance for this by working so far from the States. But he's also angry, sullen and altogether unpleasant in many ways.

Into this town comes a truck load of prostitutes bound for someplace nicer and less grubby. One of those women, Perla (Stella Stevens) takes a liking for the doctor...but eventually she moves on to another town.

Dr. Reuben is bitten by his dog...and the dog has rabies. Earlier in the film you see a man going mad with the illness...and the Doc knows he must get treatment soon or he'll die the same way. But there's a dying woman about to give birth to attend to first. And then, it's a long, long way to the nearest large city where he can get treatment. Can he get there in time?

The prostitute plot in the film seemed like filler...though Stevens' character actually became important late in the story when she helps the Doctor get to town. Still, her rowdy friends seemed more like a distraction than anything and a bit of a re-write would have helped. Without that unnecessary plot, I would have given the film a 7.

FYI--I noticed one review says that the movie was set in rural New Mexico, but when I looked at IMDB to see where the movie was filmed it was set in Mexico...not in the United States.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

The telltale signs of madness

With the making of Rage, the Mexican film industry decided to do what the British have done for years. Get a Hollywood name for the lead and set the film in London with a British cast. That extra bounce of a name from the movie capital is good for box office.

In this case they got two. Glenn Ford as a dissolute doctor and Stella Stevens as a working girl are in Mexico at a construction site, each practicing their own trade when Ford is bitten by a rabid dog.

It's a simple story, they are out in the wilds and Ford has to reach civilization and fast before the case becomes incurable. With Stevens's help he sets out on the journey always as a medical professional looking out for the telltale signs of his condition going beyond the point of medical help.

I saw Rage in theater back when it was released and after some showings on television it seems to have disappeared. Peter Ford's biography of his dad tells little about it.

Ford and Stevens turn in some fine performances. Maybe this will be unearthed and put out on DVD soon.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

Mexican flick

Reuben (Glenn Ford) is a drunken doctor in a remote Mexican construction camp. He is haunted by the death of his wife. Perla (Stella Stevens) is one of the prostitute brought in on the supply truck. After a night of partying, she oversleeps and gets left behind. She has to wait 10 days for the next supply truck. When a man is brought in with rabies, the lack of medicine leaves no option but to wait for him to die. Pancho (David Reynoso) is desperate for help with his wife's troubled pregnancy. When Reuben gets bitten by a rabid dog, he has to get medicine from a faraway hospital.

This is a Mexican film with a couple of American stars. Gilberto Gazcón seems to be a busy filmmaker in Mexico from the 50's to the 80's. This starts with an interesting premise. It does need to introduce the rabid dog first and a rabies victim in the beginning. It also needs to keep the three main characters together for much longer. When Reuben suggested driving Perla, I assumed that the start of a road trip movie. It needs to be that. When they pass Pancho's home, Reuben can check in and forced to deliver the baby. That's where the rabid dog bites him and Pancho can volunteer to drive him to the hospital. It would simplify the plot and allow the three characters to develop their chemistry for the longest time. I like a few things about this movie but it could be better.

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