Ralphie May: Unruly



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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmhenderson 10 / 10

Great comedian, genuine person

I saw Ralphie May live in Dekalb, IL on his Unruly Tour. He put on an amazing show, went for almost 2 and a half hours, despite only being paid for a 45 minute slot. Told us if we had to work for 2 hours to pay for our tickets, he wanted to give us at least 2 hours worth of comedy. That earned some respect in my book.

He had some great material, a lot from his special and plenty of new stuff. He is crude, he is not politically correct, he is vulgar, but he is hilarious. If any of those bother you, honestly good luck finding a comedian you will enjoy. He ended his set by talking about the veterans in our country needing our help and he just seemed like a really great guy.

That said, his DVD special is pure comedy, and made me laugh. What more can one ask of a comedy special? Give him a chance, the negative reviews are most likely people who do not appreciate crude humor or profanity, which is fine, but if so then it was clearly their mistake to see a comedian well known for both.

In short, if you like Ron White or Bill Burr, I think you will enjoy Ralphie May.

Reviewed by estreet-eva 2 / 10

Maybe take the reviews more seriously

Early on in the uncomfortably unfunny "Unruly", plus-sized comedian Ralphie May complains about his bad reviews. He may want to take those more seriously. To be sure, May can be very good in short bursts but the long-form stand-up special clearly strains his chops beyond their capacity. As filler, May relies on a long series of early 1990's-era racial stereotypes all of which any reader older than his or her teens could rattle off with ease. When those finally run dry he obsessively discusses a particular sex act which seems to hold some special meaning for him if not anyone else. In short, avoid this slow, off-putting drudgery.

Reviewed by cuttinham-102-295111 2 / 10

Ralphy May Not

This was the most uncomfortable stand up I've ever seen.

Not funny, foul and cringe-inducing.

I didn't have a lot of expectations. I kinda remember watching this guy once before and thought he was kinda funny.

Well, not anymore.

I can't believe that this guy is a comedian.

Releasing this upon the masses is just unkind.

I feel dirty after watching this.

My forehead hurts from cringing for an hour.

I think the cuts to the nice-looking audience are fake.

I think there is fake laughter added in post-production.

This dude has never been baked before in his life.

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