2010 [GERMAN]

Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 5099

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boloxxxi 7 / 10

Maybe he should have mailed her keys.

A man (Michael) goes to Berlin to try and reconcile with his girlfriend (Gabi) under the guise of "returning her keys". When he gets to her house he finds that she's not there and that zombies are ruling the neighborhood. In other words, they're all over the f!!cking place. With the help of a young man (Harper) he is forced to barricade himself in her apartment. In fact everyone in the apartment complex that overlooks a courtyard is trapped; they're only able to communicate with each other by shouting across the courtyard. How the outbreak of zombification started is not known. A special report that conveniently begins as soon as Harper turns on a TV set, highlights terrorism as one of the public and news media speculations (a "German September 11th"). To this, the authorities respond with "ridiculous". So the people in the movie don't really know and neither do we the viewer. But who cares? This is typical of many zombie movies. The important thing is that this is one of the better made ones.

The zombies in this movie are aggressive, ravenous, and know how to hustle for a bite and taste of human flesh. I think it's beginning to dawn on horror movie producers that one could still have some kind of life with the slow zombies since the only way they could catch a healthy man, woman, or child is by surprise. With these new strain of zombies you're pretty much shut down in your house and really horrified. I mean, no work, no school, no social life. Anyway, some of the challenges these trapped people face is to find a way to close the gate to the courtyard below and to navigate the apartment complex to get away from zombies and bring assistance to each other. We all love situations in movies where people are trapped or confined in some place and have to use their courage and ingenuity to survive ---if they're done well. And it's done well here; very entertaining. Don't miss! Love, Boloxxxi.

Reviewed by trashgang 6 / 10

a love story between....zombies

This is one of those flicks I was trying to get in my hands. It is officially out and should be easy to find but when I ordered it it was always delayed but finally I was able to get it from the UK. It's an independent and it shows but not on the effects. It only shows on the amount of actors and on the way the script was written. There are a few CGI shots but it's only the apocalypse of Berlin and it worked out fine. The zombies itself are okay in the way they act and are created. But overall it's more a love story than a real zombie flick. Nevertheless, the zombies do appear at regular base just when you think that it's going to be boring. There is a bit of red stuff and only in the beginning there is a bite in the neck where it's a little bit gory. Further on the gore is left out. Still by clocking in at 61 minutes it's surely on to have in your zombie collection. A really nice effort by the director and his crew.

Reviewed by ro-teixeira 9 / 10

A flick worth watching!

You may see I have rated this movie an 9. Yes, a 9. Surely it doesn't reach the standards to become a new Night Of The Living Dead or 28 days later, but considering the low budget and the origin of this flick, well, boys have done very well.

It all starts as any romantic comedy movie, but suddenly when you start to move on your chair thinking "ok, in a few moments I will get introduced to mayhem" the director just trows it into you, like a uppercut in the jaw. Direct, brutal.

Fast paced zombies, small spaces and a dirty and decay environment. It sure worth watching, specially considering it's only one hour length.

Go rent it! You won't regret!

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