Range 15


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 5 10 5216

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Danny Trejo as Zombie Trejo
William Shatner as Richard Chindler
Sean Astin as Pilot Grigsby
Keith David as Colonel Holloway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wmiklos-406 2 / 10

Meh, a real review... a few spoilers

This review contains a few spoilers.

I looked forward to this movie and saw Range 15 in the theater. My friend who came with me and myself are both Army veterans. The movie was disappointing though and while there were a few funny parts, the audience and ourselves were not laughing through-out the film as claimed by some other people.

All the cussing was funny at first but then it just grew old and seemed to be used more as a script filler for lack of anything better.

Dark humor and violence has its place in a movie like this, but it just got weird and awkward at times, as if the writers were trying too hard for material.

Indeed, there were loads of inappropriate jokes - which a lot of veterans enjoy, but too many of these jokes were extremely disrespectful and hateful - well past the point of being funny and beyond most of the audience's comfort zone. The audience was nearly 100% veteran or active duty as we live near a major Army post and other military assets.

SPOILER ALERT. I agree with other reviews that nothing was left untouched - women, cleavage, sex scenes, sex toys, penises, amputations, killing children, butts, spewing blood, and so on. I know a subset of the veteran community likes this humor, but it certainly does not represent ALL of the veteran community, not by a long shot. My friend left the theater for a while because the movie had just become so lame.

SPOILER ALERT. I might add that there were very few zombies. If a group's going to make a film about zombies then have zombies! Don't just throw a handful of folks into make-up and give the main actors a script that claims the whole world is in danger. Where was the real danger ever?

I gave the film only 2 stars as an average between the script/plot and the acting/cast. I gave 0 stars for the script/plot - it was distasteful and lame: just too weird or too hateful and reaching for laughs but way too far past the point of being funny. I gave the acting/cast 4 stars because it was OK.

Aside from rating the movie, all the efforts and length these folks went to in order to get the movie made - well, that deserves 10 stars and congratulations to them. All these other reviews giving the actual movie 10 stars, though, seem to be coming from the film makers and their friends. The clout that veterans carry can go very far, but truth be told, this movie's just not that good.

Reviewed by dstylez-95301 9 / 10

Not meant for civilians!!!!

This movie is for vets and our sense of humor and little inside jokes of the military. This is a way for some of us combat vets to blow off steam and be able to make light of situations we have faced in combat. In its own way it's helped me sleep a little better being able to shrug off some of the things I've seen and experienced. Watch the behinds the scenes before you judge it too harsh.

Reviewed by haloman-32221 9 / 10

This movie is to not be taken seriously.

Before you watch this movie realize it's a satire of the Hollywood industry and the current political situation. It's supposed to be a bad movie. It's made entirely from donated funds. It's supposed to have bad acting and awful effects, it's a solid movie once you realize that it's suppose to be awful. It's made for the jokes and laughs. Don't take it seriously or you won't like it. Come into the movie with the attitude of a spoof movies and it's not bad at all. I could compare it to a combination of a vulgar scary movie and a spoof movie. The plot isn't completely coherent, as it has some holes; therefore the 9 star rating, but like previously stated its not meant to be a multi-million dollar movie it's a bad movie and it's supposed to be that way.

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