Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2



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Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Rape Zombie Lust Of The Dead 2: More of the same

The first Lust Of The Dead despite being ridiculous, misandric and crass was certainly memorable if nothing else. Horny zombies and nerdy zen virgins vs a female militia. The sequel actually continues the lore quite well, you simply wouldn't expect a franchise like this to have lore at all let alone this good! Equally crass but a bit tamer overall you can tell this had a lower budget as the sfx have gone from bad to truly dire. Like going from the original Sinbad movies to something Blue Peter would make.

The originals charm is missing but though the franchise is bad there is something about it I find endearing even though I have no idea what.

Zombie movies simply have never been weirder than this. If George Romero and Ron Jeremy ever made a movie together it would look like this. Come to mention it am I the only one who thinks that would be a great idea? Trouble is Hollywood wouldn't dream of touching a franchise like this, too risqué, too controversial and too damn messed up.

Just when I thought Japanese cinema couldn't raise my eyebrow any higher than HK: Forbidden Superhero (2013) we have this.

So hide the feminists, prepare for sfx that makes the scyfy channel look like professionals and brace yourselves for groin shooting action once again.

Reviewed by PedroDoud 1 / 10

Just plain dumb

While the first one is not a enjoyable or smart, in any way whatsoever, this second "movie" in the franchise is just plain dumb. It fails in every level. Not a single aspect of this is salvageable. They even have a scene where the actors walk in place pretending to stroll down the street on a green screen. This is laughable, and not in a "so bad its good" way Furthermore, how is this not called just porn?

Reviewed by dasa108 3 / 10

Improving a little from the first movie

It is a film that improves a little to the first of the saga. I'm not saying it's a big deal but at least there is a development in some characters and on the other hand we see that there is a certain aim in the sequences that are definitely the attraction of the film. Even so, it is still mediocre at all levels ... As much as it represents the murky fantasies of the average Japanese, it is still lacking in quality for trained stomachs like those of this server. Only for fans.

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