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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 6 / 10

Poetic urban decay

When I last visited Glasgow I thought the city was a lot more vibrant, respectable even glamorous than the griminess depicted in Ratcatcher.

Lynne Ramsay's film is set in 1973 Glasgow where rubbish is being piled up because of the dustbin men strike. There is sordidness in the council tenements, rats, lice, dirty canals, drunken men and feral kids.

Twelve year old James (William Eadie) yearns for a world out of this neighbourhood. In fact a bus ride to the edge of a city among fields shows him what is possible, maybe for the first time in the middle of nowhere where a new estate is being constructed he has left the city behind him.

James might be no saint himself. His school friend drowned while he was playing with him in the canal. Some of the older kids he hangs around with are bullies, they treat a teenage girl as a plaything. At least James finds some tenderness with her.

This is a grim but haunting and poetic film. The story is not told in a straightforward narrative. Ramsay has an eye for visuals which suggests an inspiration from Terrence Malick. A sequence of a mouse going to space tied to a balloon uses music from Badlands. The film also has influences from Ken Loach's Kes and Truffaut's 400 Blows.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 8 / 10

Coming-of-age drama in Scotland.

Director Lynne Ramsey creates a very haunting drama taking place in Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. It is a hot summer and the trash men are on strike; the garbage bags littering sidewalk breeding grounds for rats. It is 1973, and young teen James(William Eadie)lives in a rundown flat with his Da(Tommy Flanagan), Ma(Mandy Matthews)and sisters eagerly waiting in anticipation of the housing council's permission to move to a newer flat. It is a very depressing time and James watches a friend drown in a fetid canal while play-fighting. His neighbor Kenny(John Miller), who loves gathering rats to put in his make believe circus, is angry blaming James for the death of their school mate. James will spend time and befriend a slightly-older Margaret Anne(Lynne Ramsey Jr.), who is constantly raped by neighborhood hooligans. This is a stark and depressing character driven drama. It is as if the stain of humanity will never fade away. James seems to catch most of his drunken da's anger, as if it is his fault the striking trash collectors are without a job. Two bright spots for the jug-eared lad is his dream of moving out of squaller and his budding love for Margaret Anne. Music by the likes of Eddy Cochrane, The Chordettes and Tom Jones move the story along. Other players: Michelle Stewart, Craig Boner, Mick Maharg and Andrew McKenna.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 6 / 10

Explains The Scottish Mentality Very Well

I was expecting to hate this movie with a vengeance . I saw Lynne Ramsey's later film MORVERN CALLAR and thought it was the biggest waste of celluloid it had been my displeasure to see so I wasn't expecting anything better with RATCATCHER However I was surprised by Ramsey's feature length debut .

Let's be blunt this isn't a movie that will pack the local cineplex on a Friday night , it's very low concept and character driven with a naturalistic style as used by Mike Leigh and Ken Loach . But the beauty of this movie is that it shows the world what the Scots are like . People all over the world genuinely believe we wear kilts and play the bagpipes and worship the Loch Ness Monster . Not true . The Scots can be the friendliest people in the world , we can be the most selfish people in the world , and ( Whisper it ) we can be the most ignorant and drunken people in the world too

This extends to the ( Scottish ) world that surrounds the tragic young James . His world is unbearable he looks for love and escape in an unloving miserable world . I guess that's a universal theme but you'd need to be from Scotland to understand this film better . certainly I could relate to it in some parts but like I said it's a million miles removed from a commercial mainstream feel good movie and the use of strong language (The Scots are rather foul mouthed ) alone will turn off a potential audience . You won't confuse RATCATCHER with BRAVEHEART

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