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Krista Allen as Cali Goodwin
Burt Reynolds as Jerome 'Raven' Katz
Richard Gant as Russ Carlson
Matt Battaglia as Martin 'Duce' Grant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zardoz-13 4 / 10

Another Burt Reynolds Potboiler with Soft-Core Sex

Burt Reynolds goes slumming in this mediocre straight-to-video espionage thriller with Matt Battaglia as CIA mercenaries who are sent into Bosnia to steal a decoding machine. Everything about this potboiler is forgettable except for Burt—hamming it up and having fun the whole time—and the various soft-core sex scenes between "Emmanuelle" actress Krista Allen and Battaglia and a steamy scene in the back of a limo between a horny senator and a call girl. Veteran stunt coordinator Russell Solberg keeps it trim and slim at 93 merciful minutes with Reynolds playing a quasi-villain and Battaglia as a straight-up hero. The big Bosnia battle scene is as good as this minor action thriller gets and then everybody circles everybody else and blurt dialogue that drives the narrative rather than develop the characters. Nobody but Burt displays an ounce of charisma. Don't worry about Burt; he survives this stinker, but you may not like the time squandered on something as generic and predictable. Nothing but Burt stands out.

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 5 / 10

The Burtster Returns

If you loved other Burt Reynolds action flicks like "Malone" or "Stick", which of course you did or you wouldn't be reading this, you'll like this one. Burt plays Jerome Katz, AKA "The Raven", an assassin for the government. When his latest mission busts, he goes underground. He turns up a few years later as a mercenary who plays by his own rules. His newest job is kill Martin Grant (Matt Battaglia) who is a fugitive. As usual, it doesn't go as planned. The best action sequence was in the beginning, so watch out for that. "Boogie Nights" was only a few years away at this point.

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Reviewed by vish_goodlooking 4 / 10

Krista Allen rocks better !!!!

The movie was not a waste except for some boring scenes in between.But the women cast gave a pretty good show than the males who were laughable.

But Krista Allen really rocked in the movie .Her voice was so seducing and sexy.The scenes in the bed involving Krista should have shortened but she made it so watchable and sexier than any one could do.Krista really is one of the best in such roles.She also enacted quiet well as the baddie in the last 5 minutes,which is the interesting part of the movie.

Burt Reynolds was not that good and this was not his best as an action star.He could have chosen a better script than this.Ireally think he did for money.

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