2011 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 14877

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Kangana Ranaut as Kiran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RoshanJG 4 / 10

Another over hyped salman movie

Ready is a success only because of the 'presence' of salman..aneez thought that he could keep making cash using akshay,but since the people understood akshay is useless,'thankyou' aneez is using the next mega hyped star,salman....result-megahit.. Ready was corny and had a illogical plot..some can say plot is compromised for the comedy but Ready has just one or two funny scenes....acting was avg,fans of salman will find his acting&comedy good,but for others salman is also avg.. Being a aneez basmi movie,the plot is made on the way..direction was awful.. The movie is a timepass,so leave your brain,heart and other useful organs at the door and then you can truly enjoy this movie....

Reviewed by kumarakshay175 1 / 10

TEES MAAR KHAN was better!!!

READY !!! One of the movies that give you a big headache.

The film is about two brothers ready to kill each other over some easy money they stand to make if either of their sons gets married to Asin. But Asin is a smart cookie, so she gets ready to elope and cons Salman and his family into believing that she is the perfect girl who will set everything in place for them. Salman's family gets ready to get the couple married, but Asin's uncles are not ready for this. So Salman pulls off a con game thanks to Paresh Rawal, who is ready to help him.

None of the above was a spoiler. But did any of it make any sense to you? No? Good. So you are ready for wholesome entertainment? Of course not! This is a total Salman Khan movie... which is over hyped. Asin looks awesome and delivers more than expected. Paresh Rawal was the best and Salman Khan was like he always is - "I .... ME ...AND... MYSELF" .No idea what chunkey pandey was doing in it. Funny cameo's by Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt.

But it was a miserable movie. Go and watch it if u idolize SALMAN KHAN or don't waste money on such a crap. Songs are awesome.

My ratings :- 2/10 ( tmk was better)

Reviewed by greatrusty911 3 / 10

Be "READY" with a asprin!!!

I loved Wanted for what it was - A refreshing change from the typical Bollywood drama and it had one of the most hilarious villains ever. Then came Dabbang which broke all possible records and ended up winning a National Award, God alone knows for what. It definitely took the credibility of the National Awards down the crapper. But I must say that both Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are leaving no stone unturned in proving it to the world that the IQ of an average Indian Movie goer is most definitely less than that of a donkey(no offense Mr. Donkey). But its like you just hang a damn carrot in front of that ass and it follows irrespective of the fact that hes never gonna get to eat it. Similarly these so called superstars of our industry have found the perfect recipe for a carrot so tempting that we like donkeys(again no offense Mr. Donkey) flock towards the multiplexes and shell out our hard earned money just like that. But all things said and done there are certain things that neither me nor the world were "READY" for -

  • The enormity of the crap that was thrown at my face in the name of entertainment...

  • The very painful 3 hrs of expressionless antics which Salman so proudly calls Acting...

  • Asin with an inch thick layer of makeup..

  • Salman shaking the unmentionables with his hands deep down in his pockets to the tune of Dhinka Chika and a bunch of school kids following in the backdrop..Yeah definitely Being Human!!!

  • A series of not so funny guest appearances by superstars which by the way is totally irrelevant to the story... wait a minute there was no story... sorry my bad!!!

  • The secret that the Indians have taken over Thailand and that the Thai race is extinct...

  • A couple dozen very noisy characters related to each other in such complexity that only Ekta Kapoor can figure out who's who...

  • Salman Khan peeing on a haystack to announce the pee break which by the way is the interval..Yeah thats what we want the people to be doing in the name of Hero-Worship!!! Act responsible Mr.Salman...

  • A couple of negative characters named after salmans heroic flops Veer and Yuvraaj

  • The climax where one of the goons gets his ass kicked with a flower...yes u read it rite, with a flower...

  • And finally, Salman's arrogance in finding out how little can he get away with...

I rest my case!!!

AS I SEE IT please don't go into the movie expecting sense. Or sensibility.And especially if you don't Hero-worship Salman be "READY" with an asprin!!!

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