Recep Ivedik 7

2022 [TURKISH]


IMDb Rating 5.4 10 3913


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ulasturgut 8 / 10

Aranan recep bulundu

After a long time, recep ivedik felt like a natural person who criticized the system, who criticized the institution, gave the old taste when he did it without being molded. I missed seeing this Receb on the screen, frankly, it's just a challenge for a new movie, I wonder how could Recep do this, because there was criticism, there was an opinion, nothing was tried, he said something, it was already time for him to return to this kind of structure. I'm really going back and comparing Kenya Recep to this Recep, in fact, the same person's structure has never deteriorated, but why did he go to Kenya, there are so many issues to be done that even if he stopped and worked for 1 day, Kenya would be nice ... no needless to mention the old movie, this is good, this is beautiful...

Reviewed by serdarkorkutan 10 / 10

ilk defa recep

For the first time, Sahan Gökbakar used the popularity of Recep ivedik for the right job. The film is 10/10 in terms of social sensitivity. I congratulate him as someone who has always been prejudiced against Recep ivedik's TV series. He didn't make us laugh in his last series, but it made us think, he honestly talked about the situation in the country for two hours without any fear, normally I wouldn't give this movie 10 points, but it showed because it showed. Sensitivity. It is halal like its mother's white milk. I hope it continues.

You can watch it without prejudice and with peace of mind. I congratulate Sahan Gökbakar here.

Reviewed by kaankose-20174 10 / 10


In the previous series of Recep ivedik, we have seen that a lonely person who has not been able to adapt to social norms, has not developed social skills, has never tasted love or being loved, but has still somehow got used to this lifestyle. In this film, Recep ivedik criticizes the troubles and difficulties of the societies in which people live and shows how people can be made hostile. It also deals with how people can be controlled and exploited. In general, Recep ivedik 7 examines how people think and act and shows how people can be controlled. It may contain a political message. It deals with the problems arising from today's economic hardships.

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