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Danny Trejo as Drayke Salgado
Serinda Swan as Darcy
Lochlyn Munro as Agent Frank Sutton
Steve Austin as Ryan Varrett
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Worth it if you like Austin

RECOIL is a solid little Canadian action film with a leading role for wrestler-turned-actor Steve Austin. He plays the normal heroic cop whose wife is killed when masked bad guys show up and machine gun a family barbecue. Austin then goes gunning for revenge, discovering that the murderers are none other than the members of a biker gang resembling the Hell's Angels. Plenty of fight scenes and explosive action ensues, all of it delivered on a low budget. It's simplistic but enjoyable, with hard-man Austin beating his way through one thug after another and very little depth to get in the way. Danny Trejo co-stars in a villainous turn as the head of the bikers, and there are a few nods to MACHETE along the way.

Reviewed by nammage 1 / 10

This Film Makes Other Bad Action Films Look Good

After the first 15 minutes I wondered if this film was satire but looking it up I couldn't find mention of it being that; if it was satire then hey, great movie! It shows all the horrible things in other action films with an over used and cliché plot: "Cop loses his wife and child (usually a girl but this time a boy) and goes after those responsible! Then becomes a vigilante and goes after other people who got away with their crimes!" Oh, and of course the 'good cops' let him go but give a speech about how they're coming after him. Dude, he's right there: arrest his contradicting butt!

Just a bad 80s early 90s action flick. Those films are pieces of art compared to this badly directed, acted, composed, written piece of ----. I watched this solely for Danny Trejo and Lochlyn Munro and while Trejo wasn't half bad Munro was awful. What happened to him? Maybe he should stick to Comedy. This film was just one cliché after another where other films had done it a billion (exaggerated) times before. Awful.

Reviewed by autisticreviewers 7 / 10

Autistic Reviewers Opinion of This Movie

This is a story of a man (Steve Austin) who is out for revenge for the death of his family, and he heads to a town where it has been taken over by a Bikie Gang where its run by the one and only Danny Trejo! The plot is very typical and extremely simple. The movie itself was very low budget, and it felt like an 80's type movie. Not such a bad thing, though. Everyone works really well with the budget they have. The acting wasn't great, the action was okay, the story is clichéd, but good, the pacing was good (it keeps you watching, and you never get bored) and the direction was good. The whole movie doesn't really rely on far fetched Martial Arts to be put into this movie. It feels more of a street fighting type movie. It actually works too! Trejo was 70 years old when he did this hats off to Trejo for still kicking butt at the age of 70! The final fight scene between Trejo Austin was definitely the best part of the movie. All in's a watchable movie. If you're bored and got nothing else better to do then watch this. You wont be disappointed. 3/5 stars. 7/10

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