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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by washingtoncaleb 1 / 10

Trash Movie

I put a one star just to be nice but, imma be honest it doesn't deserve no stars this movie was trash absolutely trash it was terrible. My cousins and I waisted an hour and a half of hour lives watching this and we was absolutely befuddled. This was terrible do not waste your time watching this!!!

I ain't done yet but yo WHO MADE THIS MOVIE. I'm not even gone hold back yo y'all literally made the dumbest movie in the world yo being one hundred, to the actors don't ever act again, to the directors don't ever direct again, and to the producers don't even produce nothing no more .

Now I'm done.

Reviewed by peacefaith-90128 2 / 10

crap movie

If the cops had a suspect then why didnt they follow him ?? They could have prevented those murders. Who meets and marry a man after 3 weeks. The acting was horrible, i could have made this movie.

Reviewed by dmanding20-485-799789 1 / 10

Starts badly...and gets worse! Ends horribly!

The worse acting I've seen in a movie in a long time! I just took time off of my life watching this movie...I literally struggled through it, just to finish it...and believe me, it was a struggle! Throw this movie in the garbage because that's where it honestly belongs! 1 star...Only because 0 stars isn't a rating! Corny! Trash! Horrible! Starts off bad and then gets worse!!

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