Red Notice


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 2390

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Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley
Gal Gadot as The Bishop
Ryan Reynolds as Nolan Booth
Vincenzo Amato as Director Gallo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 6 / 10

A Red-Hot Heist Thriller With Lots Of Action, Twists And Power-packed Entertainment.

Red Notice (2021) : Movie Review -

Looking back at heist thrillers made in Hollywood, one can easily pick out best from recent franchise movies. Red Notice is a new attempt to glamorize those typical cliches and it definitely delivers what it promises from the trailer. It is not 'Mission Impossible' or 'Fast And Furious' Franchise Film but it makes a good combination of action packed entertainer and heist-thriller by altering many segments out of them. By the time we are going ahead with other franchise films and digital releases, Red Notice surely makes a fine popcorn entertainer for the weekend.

An Interpol-issued red notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world's most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI's top profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) and two rival criminals Nolan and Sarah (Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot), there's no telling what will happen. John is on the hunt while Nolan and Sarah are fighting to top each other. All this is just nothing in front of what film has to tell afterwards. Spoilers are strictly condemned here! Mouth shut. There are plenty of twists coming one after another, there's breathtaking action and then there is gripping screenplay. Those 90 minutes never look boring and that's the biggest triumph for Red Notice.

When it comes to acting, these commercial potboilers aren't supposed to be tidy. Most of the people don't even care as far as they are enjoying explosive stuff. Red Notice is still decent there as Johnson looks pretty convincing as he carries his best suited macho image. Gadot sizzles in her Red Hot Avatar and in some scenes she beats out both the male forces. Compared to that, Reynold is quite a break as he succeeds to keep the humour alive. Talking about the action scenes and visuals, Red Notice gets a Green Signal. However, it is still red when it comes to using those old clinches. For instance, that smart heist in the beginning. You know how it's gonna happen and how it's gonna end cause all of it has been used hundreds of times before. We should be thankful to the action choreographer for literally taking away our breath a few times as well as the cameraman for those jittering close-up frames and superfast zooms.

There isn't much to bash in this film but still if there's in anything, then it's stereotypes. Visually, it's a grand film and the production value is lavish too. Watching this film on Big-Screen will snatch away lot of shortcomings so it should be viewed accordingly. Action lovers have became used to all the tricks by now so, they won't be too harsh on Rawson Marshall Thurber, as a director. As a writer, he could have done better though. Summing up everything in short, Red Notice packs a solid punch of Action, Twists and Suprises in an old healthy heist drama.

RATING - 6/10*

Reviewed by stevendbeard 8 / 10

Nicely Executed Action Packed Heist Movie

I saw "Red Notice", starring Dwayne Johnson-Jungle Cruise, Baywatch_2017; Ryan Reynolds-Free Guy, The Amityville Horror_2005; Gal Gadot-the Wonder Woman movies, Knight and Day and Ritu Arya-The Umbrella Academy_tv, Last Christmas.

This is a Netflix produced movie that will be available next week on Netflix-only one week in theaters. It's a nicely executed, action packed heist movie. Gal is the number one most wanted art thief in the world, closely followed by Ryan. Dwayne plays an F. B. I profiler that is hunting them both, since they are on the Red Notice-which is the highest level for an arrest warrant. Ritu is the Interpol agent working with Dwayne, since the F. B. I.'s jurisdiction is not legal in other countries. There are lots of attempts to acquire some artifacts called Cleopatra's 3 eggs-valuable pieces of historical value-and there are team ups and double crosses galore. Who can be trusted? Answer, no one. Along the way are lots of chases through scenic sites-and some that are not so scenic, like a Russian prison-and it has a little twist ending.

It's rated "PG-13" for violence, action, language and sexual content-no nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 58 minutes.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu_Ray.

Reviewed by statuskuo 7 / 10

Part "The Sting, part "Indiana Jones"

Ah thank you IMDB raters! Again, your rating algorithm worked miles ahead of Rotten Tomatoes. Had I listened to the critics I would not have spent a pleasant afternoon with just mindless fun. And that's what it is. Fun.

This is a grift upon a grift upon a heist movie that knows what it is. It makes several references to knowing it's a movie (The MacGuffin) and still takes you on the ride with three very likable people. For those who are fatigued of Reynolds-ese, you will tire of him quickly. For the rest of's still a lot of fun. And watching The Rock slow burn has always been hilarious. Yes, a ton of logic flaws. Such as the elaborate nature of the scheme. Dissecting it would aggravate you. Not me. The music tells you to leave that at the door. A fun ride.

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