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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 7daysPerWeekend 6 / 10

Very intersting Indy film

Tounas' Reloaded has heart and soul. A lot of movies have tried to do that premise, but they failed. Miserably. This is a modern day action film of the action genre.

The writing is also very good. Co-writer Arfanis, with Tounas as the head writer, with their editor Welch wrote some great dialogues. I see Arfanis has some experience on screenwriting, so maybe this is why. Tounas also has some other movies as well, but their dialogues are inferior compared to Reloaded. I watched his movies on YouTube, and I watched Reloaded on Amazon DE.

Despite the great writing, the acting and direction is average. The direction could be better. The actors are skilled, but they appear lazy and bored. I blame the lazy direction. It feels like a movie shot in a day.

Even though the lazy and sleepy actors, I love everyone in here, all the characters and the lead character. I love that the lead character chose to be alone and without help.

Don't stick to the preview, watch the movie. Reloaded is not an Oscar bait, but for sure it is a Decent Indy film.

Reviewed by TylerMorgan87 6 / 10

A decent film.

"Reloaded", made in 2021 and directed by George Toynas is a mixed bag of a film. It is for sure a step further for Toynas as a director, and as an actor. The dialogue of the film is heavily improved compared to his previous attempts, but the direction and acting is still bad.

I am precisely sure that the co-writer and the writing editor made this film more watchable. But even with the help and contribution of a co-writer and an editor, the inferior acting and the lazy direction, made this a decent film. 6/10 from me.

Does it deserve your time ? Sure. Give it a watch.

Reviewed by AaronRoberts7477 5 / 10

5/10 nuff said

Pros: Good dialogue, heavily improved compared to past Tunas works (imho thanks to the co-writer and editor) Good music Good editing (Maybe a ghost co-editor participate, or Tunas editing skills improved) Good story, Good characters.

Cons: Cheap production (it feels like a badly made TVC or TV Movie) Decent acting (Although Tunas acting skills have been improved, but they need work) I wish it was longer (yes i liked the mooovi)

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