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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denayathompson 10 / 10


Everybody is saying "this has been done before" but they weren't HANDPICKED by the QUEEN....! ARETHA FRANKLIN herself! Asked Jennifer Hudson to play this role. What more else is there left to say?? She executed all of the songs perfectly & sang them as close to godliness as you can get! Jennifer Hudson UNDERSTOOD the assignment & I know Mrs. Franklin is looking down on her smiling from ear to ear!!

Reviewed by educatexan 5 / 10

Mostly bits and pieces

The film was more of a collection of vignettes than a complete story. It felt very disjointed. Characters appeared and disappeared, and stories were left incomplete. It was difficult to determine Aretha's motives during life changes.

Reviewed by bastille-852-731547 7 / 10

Hudson shines and honors the Queen of Soul

Jennifer Hudson is an excellent actress, and I always thought she would be a great choice to portray Aretha Franklin. It would be no easy task to fully portray Franklin's legacy on screen in an authentic manner, but after having seen the film early at a Fandango advance screening, I'm happy to say that she succeeded. Hudson's acting range is potent and profound. She is able to clearly convey passion, empathy, and emotional challenges where appropriate in the film's narrative. The film attempts to provide a comprehensive overview of most of Franklin's life, from her challenging early childhood until the 1970s, but primarily focuses on the mid-to-late 60s and early 70s. Its narrative structure is a bit choppy and awkwardly paced, although it should be noted that (to state the obvious) no individual's life depicted in a biopic can fit completely neatly into the conventional three-act Hollywood film structure.

To state the obvious, Hudson's leading performance is the true crown jewel of the film. The film does a great job at humanizing Aretha Franklin, while still showing her emotional and substance-related struggles in a realistic way. Supporting performances in the film are quite strong as well. Particularly notable are Forest Whitaker giving a commanding and powerful performance as Franklin's father, and Marlon Wayans portraying her violent, self-centered husband. Hudson's singing voice is great as well, and her performances of songs such as "Respect," "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman," and "Amazing Grace" are superb. Despite the exceptional acting talent on display in the film, "Respect" sometimes waddles a bit too much in formulaic and conventional tropes of biopics. The film sometimes comes off as playing it a bit too safe, and shies away from taking any noteworthy creative risks that could have had greater stakes or emotional impact within the context of the viewing experience. At about 2.5 hours, it runs a bit too long, and there's definitely about 30 minutes worth of scenes in here that do not add much to the overall narrative and could easily have been cut. That said, an awards-worthy lead performance makes the film generally a solid one. Recommended. 7/10.

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