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Reviewed by msbreviews 9 / 10

Resurrection is an exceptionally tense, frighteningly realistic psychological thriller, deeply elevated by a masterclass performance from Rebecca Hall.

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"Resurrection is an exceptionally tense, frighteningly realistic psychological thriller, deeply elevated by a masterclass performance from Rebecca Hall. The latter becomes a major contender for awards even beyond the festival, offering an unforgettable, mesmerizing, haunting display of a traumatized mother.

From a hypnotizing, uninterrupted 10-minute monologue to nerve-wracking interactions with an also remarkably creepy Tim Roth, Andrew Semans puts the actress through shocking, disturbing plot points and emotionally devastating character development. The lingering cinematography and powerfully effective sound design exponentially increase the suspense and intensity levels.

A divisive, multiple-interpretation ending may divide some viewers, and a slight loss of momentum during the second act may reduce the climax impact, but these are minor issues in what will end up as one of the very best movies of the year."

Rating: A.

Reviewed by chenp-54708 7 / 10

Hall and Roth both work great together

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival

"Resurrection" is a different kind of horror movie. It's more of a slow burn thriller that continues to make you feel tense and uncomfortable, yet captivating at the same time. Director Andrew Semans seems to understand how cinema works as his direction provides a great sense of suspension and thrills throughout the movie. With captaining camerawork and great performances from Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth. Hall is one of the my favorite underrated actresses even if she had been in some stinkers in the past as the same for Tim Roth. Roth always never fails to impress me with his stylish performances and personality he carries on his shoulders. Grace Kaufman was also really good as well.

The emotional impact of this film works well because of the writing. The writing creates many scenarios that felt creepy and filled with tension. There's even a scene where it's a 10 minute or so dialogue shot that focuses on the character for some time but it never feels boring because of the performance given to create a realistic approach of that scene. With great camerawork, production and interesting character development. It's not 100 percent perfect as there are some pacing issues halfway and certain moments that felt it could have been re written. In my opinion, the ending felt a little rushed as if they had ran out of time to finish filming the rest of the movie. Although these flaws appeared, the movie still was a really good fun experience.

Good Flick.

Rating: B+

Reviewed by trinaboice 8 / 10

Fantastic performances in an unnerving movie

IN A NUTSHELL: Fantastic performances by Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth in a very unnerving movie. Don't worry. This is a spoiler-free review because it's one of those movies that you'll experience better if you don't know much about it.

THINGS I LIKED: Rebecca Hall is absolutely fantastic and even mesmerizing.

I've been a fan of Tim Roth for many years too. He is perfectly creepy.

I really enjoyed Grace Kaufman's believable performance too.

Fun fact: The movie was filmed in Albany, New York. If you know the Hudson River area, you'll notice the main character jobs down a path in the Corning Preserve near the iconic Railroad bridge.

During the majority of the film, you simply don't understand what you're seeing, so you keep watching to try to figure it out.

The title is intriguing and perfectly describes what happens.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: As soon as I saw that the lead female was having an affair with a married man, I instantly didn't like her. That's disgusting and completely unacceptable in my book. Later, we learn she slept around with lots of other men.

The ending will make you say, "What the what?" Viewers will want more clarity and closure.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: An unmarried couple groans in bed while having an affair several times in bed and then in a public bathroom. We don't see nudity, but motion.

Profanity, including F-bombs A mother gives her minor daughter alcohol Bloody, gory murder

THEMES: Motherhood Weakness & strength Reliving past trauma Reality vs. Paranoia Power & control Emotional spirals

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