Return to Mayberry


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Paul Willson as Ben Woods
Howard Morris as Ernest T. Bass
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Betty Lynn as Thelma Lou
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Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

You can never go back

While this is NOT the worst reunion TV movie ever made, it's awfully close (for the worst, see the Beverly Hillbillies reunion). Gone is the excellent writing and acting and in its place are OLD people just meandering through the film with little meaningful direction. The entire spark and characterizations are simply gone. Let me give a few examples. Otis is no longer the town drunk but drives an ice cream truck---how is this funny? Barney has been the sheriff of Mayberry for some time but seems pathetic dressing up for a clown for the school kids AND the idea of Andy returning after a long absence to take this job from Barney just seems mean-spirited and is something the old Andy never would have done.

LOVERS OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES--beware. Don't watch this movie--just remember Mayberry the way it used to be and forget this film.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Enduring popularity

Almost 20 years went by since the Andy Griffith Show with all its colorful rustic characters from Mayberry, North Carolina left the air. It's never been out of syndication especially in the red states. But even in our sophisticated blue states this show always had its following. So CBS put together a reunion show and nearly all the regulars and semi-regulars still around got to reprise the roles that made them somewhat legendary.

Andy Griffith moved out of Mayberry and gave up the sheriff's job. But Don Knotts returned and served as deputy to his successors. Right now the job is vacant because the sheriff died and Knotts is running for the top job. And as Jim Nabors put it Barney hasn't done anything really stupid in over a month now. I guess Gomer Pyle hasn't felt the need to make any citizen's arrests.

Richard Lineback who has taken over a fancy eatery thinks more business can be obtained with the rumor of a monster in the lake where Andy and Opie used to fish. Poor gullible Barney falls for it and decides his work in tracking down said monster would be a great campaign issue. His erstwhile opponent is just waiting for the other shoe to drop so Barney Fife is once again looking like a fool and this time as a political candidate. Could be worse than texting nude pictures of yourself.

Of course it works out well in Mayberry, a town that we saw throughout the Sixties and seemed untouched by the social changes of the decade. I suppose that was part of the secret of the Andy Griffith Show's enduring popularity.

And those who loved the show will love this film.

Reviewed by aesgaard41 10 / 10

Let's All Return to Mayberry

Despite the differences in this movie and the show,this was a very happy return to some of my favorite characters.Several of these people are very special to me,probably more than my real family. I think the critics made idiots out of themselves by complaining that this movie looked like a senior citizens reunion; to me, these people are ageless,but I do miss some of my favorite Mayberrians like Ellie Walker,the pretty lady druggist.I have always thought she and Andy made a nice couple. I shudder to think what happened to Opie once Helen stuck her claws into Andy.I also miss Leon the little cowboy with his PB&J sandwiches,but I imagine he's somewhere in town with his son;the two of them both eating them. [Clint Howard who played the role was actually bound by contract to another film at the time]. What about Sam Jones [Ken Berry]; could he still be living nearby ? What about Rafe Hollister and his moonshine still at the Old Rimshaw House? I also wonder if Gomer married his sweetheart LuAnne Poovie or did he leave her with the Marines. I would also have liked to have seen Opie married to Mary Alice Carter [beautiful Morgan Brittany]. Oh well,this movie was a wonderful walk down familiar streets and meeting old friends. Please excuse me as I take down my fishing pole and stroll down to the fishing hole,,,,,,

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