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Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AngryCrow1991 10 / 10

Why, just why would someone get naked for this?

Don't get me wrong caw caw.

I appreciate the small amount of nudity.

But this just a family making a home movie. For some of the gore effects they just put frozen hamburger meat on top of someone's face caw caw.

This movie was in made in for honor for someone caw caw. You think they would have tried....

Caw caw

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Back to the farm

Once upon a time, let's say 1987, Mark and John Polonia made Splatter Farm, a shot on video slasher all about twins sent to live with their aunt who soon discover that her handyman is a killer.

Thirty years in film time - and thirty-three in real life - and the killings have begun again in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. What a time for a bunch of teenagers to go and party at the cabin, huh?

This was co-directed by Jeff Kirkendall, who plays Jeremy the killer. He shows up in nearly every Polonia movie, which all have their own strange universe of actors that show up.

While the budget is a challenge - as always in these movies - a slasher doesn't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to be effective. This sets up the teens - and some older people, as well - and before you know it, the kills come quickly. There's enough gore - both digital and practical - to keep the bloodthirsty happy.

This doesn't break any new ground, but it moves quickly and delivers what it promises. It has a great title and poster, which is really half the battle when you think about it. It also has a goofy theme song and only 70 minutes of run time, which is pretty much the length all movies should be.

While John Polonia, Todd Michael Smith and Marion Costly have sadly passed away, for those looking for the next step in the Splatter Farm story, I think you'll be pretty pleased with this.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

We can be friends

This is a low budget Mark Polonia production. Bobbi (Danielle Donahue) inherits the original farm and the killer is still around. She goes out with a group of friends.

Sound track needed work. Acting and script not up to par. Not bad on the special effects.

Guide Nudity (Mel Heflin, Jennie Russo )

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