Revelation Trail


Drama / Horror / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 209

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Call-Me-Mr-Smith 3 / 10


So, it's time for one balanced review. Not the worst zombie flick, but far from deserving all those 'raves'. Interesting premise, mix of a western and a zombie story, evenly paced, but slow. There is some complexity in the character development, some action, fair sets, passable, although amateurish, directing and acting...put all together, it feels weak and unconvincing, particularly towards the predictable end. Honorable mention for two senior members of the ensemble (The Marshal and The Mayor). I guess it would be ok to watch for the connoisseurs of the genre, but no one else. Before necessary adjustments, rated 4/10.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Not as interesting as you might otherwise believe...

Well, first of all, I must admit that the idea of mixing in a zombie outbreak in a Western setting definitely holds potential. And when I stumbled upon the 2013 movie "Revelation Trail" that mixed those two concepts together, of course I sat down to watch this movie.

And yeah, the movie's cover definitely helped to win me over, selling the movie with that rather interesting-looking cover.

Boy, oh boy, this movie was a swing and a miss. While it sounded interesting in concept idea, then the outcome of writers Blake Armstrong, John P. Gibson and Daniel Van Thomas's collective writing just didn't cut it. This movie offered very little in terms of entertainment for me. And I ended up giving up on the movie out of sheer boredom, not even halfway through the ordeal.

The storyline told in "Revelation Trail" just fell short of being interesting almost right from the very beginning, so the movie was off to a bad start. And it was a constant uphill struggle, as the storyline never improved and the characters in the movie were about as interesting as cardboard cut-outs.

For a zombie movie then "Revelation Trail" offered nothing worthwhile to the genre. It was pretty generic and run-of-the-mill zombie stuff here. Well, minus all the gore and mayhem that most zombie movies or series usually deliver. And let's be honest here, guts, gore and mayhem is what you want to see when you sit down to watch a zombie movie, right? Right!

Director John P. Gibson's 2013 movie was one that came and went without as much as a groan, much less leaving a lasting bite on the genre. I hadn't even heard about the movie prior to sitting down 8 years after it came out, by stumbling upon it by sheer random luck. And it will just as quietly disappear back into oblivion without having left a lasting impression.

I am rating "Revelation Trail" a mere, but generous, three out of ten stars. This is not a shining moment in the history of zombie movies. Nor is it a movie that I will ever be returning to attempt to finish watching.

Reviewed by joeaquarius78 10 / 10

Not your typical run of the mill zombie film!

This is not your typical run of the mill zombie film. Revelation Trail takes place in the 1800's old west. The cast do an exceptional job at relaying the story and are very believable. The story is very well written and gives us a good idea of what it would have been like had there been a zombie Apocalypse in the old west. One very impressive fact about Revelation Trail is that it is a truly independent film and in my opinion rises high above what you would normally expect from your average B budgeted film. The final scene in Revelation Trail left me wanting more(in a good way)! I cannot wait to own a copy of this cinematic masterpiece!

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