Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Aja Naomi King as Sophie Clé
Gary Dourdan as Ayden
Amanda Plummer as Elizabeth
Colm Feore as Jack Clé
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tandbxxx 7 / 10


Good idea well acted , story could have had more depth , could be expanded for a tv series

Reviewed by MikeSNation 6 / 10

Good Mystery/Thriller

This is a good mystery/thriller. The other reviewer hits the nail on the thread I think, in her entire review but also in calling this a mystery/thriller rather than a sci-fi film (which is where I found it on Netflix).

It does have sci-fi elements and is built on the idea of a sci-fi technology which uses smartphone apps connected to brain implants to recall and heighten chosen memories from one's past, but it's more about the mystery.

She's also correct about the pacing of the film. It's very slow and deliberately paced. This is a mystery that uses tension and is all about how we handle our own memories and fears, and how we handle finding out we don't remember things the way they actually happened sometimes. "Be careful what you wish for."

Colm Feore is an incredible actor and Amanda Plummer knocks it out of the park in her brief supporting role. The lead actress is fine and her friend/driver/bodyguard (who I'm certain I've seen in something else?) does a very good job in his role. The role of the mysterious brain-chipped, desperate young lady was also handled quite well.

I'm surprised this movie only has 44 ratings here. Maybe it was just recently added to Netflix but it's from two years ago (2015) and is quite good for what it is - just don't expect it to be your traditional "sci-fi" flick.

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