Revolution of Our Times

2021 [CN]


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Reviewed by rkeilitz-19-537915 10 / 10

"Revolution of Our Times" is not only about the battle of Hongkongers but is about a war between all freedom lovers and dictatorships of our globe.

George Santayana is credited with the famous quote, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Those words could not ring truer with the Russia/Ukraine conflict this week. It also could become a sad reality with the almost daily threats from China invading Taiwan where I have been living for the past 14 years.

I lived and worked in Hong Kong for 25 years and watching this documentary just confirmed what I thought when I witnessed the 1997 handover "One Country Two Systems", BS for how long? At 152 minutes it is long but well worth every minute. It contains many scenes that were never shown on TV or mentioned in the press. The interviews with the protestors and their supporters that closed down Hong Kong many times are insightful as to why they will never give up. I went to the premiere showing in Taipei and there was not a dry eye in the audience. During the credits (all names are disguised) there was a standing ovation which is unique in Taiwan.

I do hope the youth of Taiwan takes lessons from viewing this film as their future as a free democracy will be up to them.

Reviewed by s-15230 10 / 10

Remember the history and never forget

It's such a impressive and privileged experience to watch the documentary Revolution of Our Times in Canada. It's no doubt the most detailed and touching documentary on HK 's protests since 2019. The director managed to present the general view of the massive social movement while illustrating the development curve of individual participants: A loving and mercy middle school first aid has witnessed police brutality in front of his own eyes and couldn't do anything about it, so the fire of revenge has grown in his heart, and he debated with his classmates whether the "eye for an eye" is a good fightback. Some 20s youngsters broke up with their parents for different political views on the movement and left their homes, and people of similar age form a "family" while one man and one woman serve the role of "dad" and "mom". Those touching roles show individuals under the grand time, powerless and powerful at the same time. The most unforgettable moment came at the ending of the film, when the symbolic song Glory to Hong Gong played, all audiences stood up and sang along with the song. It gives me a feeling that people choose their national anthem speaking of their heart. Revolution of Our Time is a great film that hard to forget, for it shows the attractiveness of documentary: document what really happened, and let the history be the judge.

Reviewed by freehongkongforever 10 / 10

A must-watch for those care about human rights and freedom

This documentary vividly depicts the evolution of Hong King's social movement from 2019 till today - from the eyes of a journalist, a paramedic, a student, a social worker and many more. Questions pop up as you watch along - what is justice? How come millions of people choose to fight back violence with violence?

Striking, memorable and painful for anyone who has taken part in the movement to watch, but inspiring, though provoking yet tear jerking for others. Highly recommended.

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