Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 87595

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Jason Statham as Jake Green
Ray Liotta as Dorothy Macha
Mark Strong as Sorter
Francesca Annis as Lily Walker
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1 hr 51 min
P/S 4 / 10

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flatfoxx 10 / 10

Best ever movie about the fight against the ego

As a gangster movie, just a simple one. But if you (can) see it as the fight with the ego, it is a genius creation!

I saw it at least 20 times, but each time it shows me something new.

6,5 stars are way too low, so go and watch it again, open you eyes, and change your rating! ;)


Reviewed by Fujiko-san 4 / 10

This is one hell of a weird movie - and also not very good.

I don't even know where to start.

The premise is a very interesting one, but the script is full of useless characters and stylistic flourishes that confuse and bewilder. At one point in the middle, I even thought I had perhaps taken acid by mistake. The sudden dive into flashes of hand-drawn animation are never explained or even justified.

We are treated to endless, mind-numbing flashbacks, unexpectedly lacklustre acting by Andre 3000, the dialog (or voice over) is ofttimes cliche and tacked together, there are characters and plot lines that make no sense (though some are quite charming)...

Basically, the script is terrible. There is no getting around it- despite valiant efforts from Liotta and Stratham.

Visually it is VERY interesting, however. The decors are off the hook. The koreans are pretty amazing and every scene their boss is in- well freaking electric. There is this killer played by Mark Strong (I always have a soft spot for him) and this little girl who deserve a story all their own.

This cannot save the weak ending, however, (par for the course) and the vague moral lacks punch and does the message a terrible disservice.

Reviewed by blanchjoe 9 / 10

If you Know this Film, you do not Know this film.

Under the guise of a standard "shootem-up" action movie, even going to the point of hiring standard well trained action movie actors, this is instead, and in actuality, an exploration into the nature of the individuated-self sense, and the meaning of how we perceive.

For those seeking entertainment, or a well directed action movie, you will be confused, frustrated, and disappointed. This is not a conventional film, and it is dealing with a wholly unconventional subject, one that the vast majority of viewers will not understand.

The hero of this story must completely awaken from the dream of his conditional existence and the limited individuated egoic "self" cannot be accomplished by "one's-self".

That which supports and maintains perception accomplishes that process, and the process requires the complete transcendence and dissolution of the egoic self, via absolute surrender of the process of attention away from the individuated self sense, onto that which support, sustains and is "not" the individuated self sense.

In many ways this film is a Luc Besson / Guy Ritche modern Koan.


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