Rex: kyoryu monogatari


Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 37

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Reviewed by floppin-around 7 / 10

An interesting little film

Made to capitalize on the success of Jurassic Park and Japan's own Godzilla franchise, Baby is surpassingly quite unique and charming. The story is of a young girl who gets tasked with the extraordinary opportunity to raise an infant T-Rex. The driving theme is motherhood, as the main girl's mother was never there for her so the girl wants to be the mom (for this dinosaur) that she never had. The film accomplishes this with all the appropriate cheesiness. The practical effects are decent and charming enough, but don't expect to "believe" in this T-Rex. The film seems weirdly American to me though, as her family lives in rural Japan in what is essentially an American house. They sit at a dinner table, eating American food while using knives and forks. Maybe this was done for international appeal? The Christmas segments also seemed very western, but this isn't a complaint. It's silly, heartfelt, and fun. This is definitely a recommendation from me if you enjoy this kind of movie.

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