Rhapsody of Love


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 39

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by taufeeqnahmed 10 / 10

Love is everywhere...

A cinematic treat for the audience to indulge in love romance drama emotions and a perpetual smile as you fall in love with every character so beautiful penned and captured. Well done all!

Reviewed by kellymelia 8 / 10

Must see movie!!

Rhapsody of Love is such a relevant, modern age movie to watch. Captivating, funny and shows everyday relationships and the challenges they face. Hilariously funny, I couldn't stop laughing!

A great Aussie based movie... a definite must see!!

Reviewed by paulkwchester 10 / 10

This is what real romance is

I had the chance to see Rhapsody of Love at The Gold Coast Film Festival screening this weekend and I was in for such a wonderful surprise. This film is what true romance is about and I have not seen a film like this in more than 10 years. I am 68 and an old softy who loves a romantic comedy. Kathy Luu and Damien Sato are both new to me. Both leads were outstanding in this film and you feel their chemistry, love and their journey. For laughs, there are other fun characters - Joy Hopwood (who wrote and directed the film) and Khan Chittenden are like an old Hollywood slapstick pair. The other supporting characters are also excellent actors and I enjoyed their performance and love stories. But the heart of the film really is with the Kathy Luu who is an extraordinary rare actress - her heart and joy lit up every scene for me and I felt very happy leaving the cinema. On the way out, I heard a young man tell his girlfriend "That was a really good movie, I'm so glad we got to see it. I'd go see it again." So would I. Thank you for making this film Joy Hopwood and team, and thank you for screening this Gold Coast Film Festival.

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