Richard Jeni: A Big Steaming Pile of Me


Comedy / Documentary

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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by synthwiz 10 / 10

A Big Steaming Pile of HILARITY!

I was fortunate enough to stumble on this DVD at a discount store. I didn't even know it existed (since I don't have HBO).

I laughed out loud throughout most of this video. I've even watched it a couple times with various friends who felt the same way. Richard was freakin' hilarious!! I laughed so hard I think I developed abs! It's just a crying shame that he committed suicide. It's hard to believe that somebody THIS funny could be so disturbed... but at least he left us with a few good videos to laugh at.

This video is good "nearly clean" fun. Performed in front of a huge audience, he makes fun of the sexes and NAILS his topics directly with the truth, which makes it even funnier. If you love to laugh (or need to develop your ab-muscles), you owe it to yourself to get this DVD.

Reviewed by kimharvest53 10 / 10

Most Quotable Quotes, Most Indelible Images, our most Common Quiddities Revealed

In "A Big Steaming Pile of Me" Richard Jeni is a master investigator of the human condition bringing to light our most common and uncommon human quiddities; unmasking our common threads; unveiling our vulnerabilities and then tying them up with a big shiny multifarious bow. He gave us so many studied brilliant slices of life. We quote from him continually, even after not seeing the comedy special in about 5 years.

Some memorable moments: the good & evil struggle in all human relationships; the echoing high-pitched sci-fi warning sound when you know you are in too deep and you are damned if you do & damned if you don't; the PMS plus wine syndrome; pricelessly trying not to notice a waitress's copious breasts; slipping into the darkness of the porn room; the resonating "eeeekkk" inhale women make as nervous passengers in the car; everyday something reminds me of another Jeni observation.

I always felt the audience that Richard played this brilliant monologue for sounded underwhelmed. I somehow felt he might feel they didn't enjoy his observations enough by their response. It was just that his stories ended quietly and not with uproarious applause. I had hoped he didn't take that wrong. I love this hour show. I think it is quite brilliant and hope to God he knows it now. He is in the top 10 best comedic hours for me. Rest in Peace Richard. And thank you.

Reviewed by bsinc 7 / 10

Harmless fun

I couldn't agree more with a post about this stand-up show, it was a nice one hour escapism, but rather unmemorable and plain. Richard Jeni even pointed out how he was going to p** off all kinds of people, but I can't imagine the jokes being more bland, especially considering the tabu stuff that he stuck his nose into. I've never seen Jeni perform before, so I can't possibly give an objective opinion on his stand-up routines, but he striked me as a comedian who has decent, if not even rather good jokes, but perhaps fails to realize their potential when he delivers them. Too monotone for my taste, but still better than average.


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