Ride the Thunder



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ken-34035 10 / 10

Brings Honor to Those Who Served

The point here is the United States turned its back on the South Vietnamese people while disrespecting both the American and Vietnamese troops. The aftermath of this action left millions of South Vietnamese under the harsh boot of North Vietnamese Communism. Here we see how a brave South Vietnamese Marine suffered the brutality of Communist "reeducation" camps. Additionally, the actions of Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland and John Kerry are made painfully clear though film clips highlighting their treasonous wartime activities. Sadly the movie only gives us a glimpse of what is in Richard Botkin's magnificent book, "Ride the Thunder". Happily, the film brings honor to those who served in a war we were not allowed to win. Semper Fi.

Reviewed by Keeblertex 9 / 10

Litlle corny but good

Acting wasn't the best. But a great story. Sad what we left behind when we pulled out. What you learn in school isn't what really happened.

Reviewed by sherryrichards 10 / 10

Eye Opening and Riveting Look at the Vietnam War

Masterfully told with great cinematography, the movie tells the stories of a South Vietnamese man and the American soldier he fought alongside. The movie grabs your attention from the beginning and you find yourself entrenched in the struggles of South Vietnamese soldier Le Ba Binh, a husband and father, expertly portrayed by actor Joseph Hieu. I found it enlightening to see the historical clips interspersed throughout, giving the moviegoer a glimpse of the perspective of the soldiers returning to the U.S. and the attitudes prevalent in our culture during that era. The shocking film footage of Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, as well as the clips of now Secretary of State John Kerry as a young man give this movie a powerful historical gravity that cannot be denied. The film is very moving, very timely- given the current state of foreign affairs, and also quite entertaining.

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