Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

2005 [CHINESE]


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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10

A Wonderful Journey to Understanding and Redemption

In a village of fishermen in Japan, Takata (Ken Takakura) misses his son Kenichi, to whom he has been estranged for many years. When his daughter-in-law Rie (Shinobu Terajima) tells him that Kenichi is sick in the hospital, she suggests Takata to come to Tokyo to visit his son in the hospital where he would have the chance to retie the relationship. However, Kenichi refuses to receive his father in his room, and Rie gives a videotape to Takata to know about the work of his son. Once at home, Takata sees a documentary in the remote village Lijiang, in the province of Younnan, about the passion of Kenichi, the Chinese opera, where the lead singer Li Jiamin (Jiamin Li) promises to sing an important folk opera on the next year. When Rie calls Takata to tell that her husband has a terminal liver cancer, Takata decides to travel to Lijiang to shoot Li Jiamin singing the opera to give to Kenichi.

"Qian Li Zou Dan Qi" is a magnificent movie about fathers and sons in a wonderful journey to understanding and redemption that will certainly bring tears and smiles to the viewer. The screenplay perfectly discloses in an adequate pace the touching and heartbreaking story of a man that tries reconciliation with his son filming the opera in China and finally understands the feelings of his son. It is also a story about lost chances in life to be close to those we love since people usually forget that time is irreversible and life is unique. The cinematography is amazing, as usual in Yimou Zhang movies. Ken Takakura gives a top-notch performance supported by the excellent acting of a few professional actors and actresses and an amateurish cast. The music score is very peaceful and beautiful. I have just included this gem in the list of my favorite movies ever. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Um Longo Caminho" ("A Long Way")

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10

A father's love

The poetic opening of "Riding Along for Thousand of Miles" shows a pensive Takata at the edge of the sea in a remote fishing village where he now lives. Having left his wife and child earlier in his life has estranged his relationship with his only son Kenichi, a film maker, who is now sick at a Tokyo hospital. When Riu, his daughter-in-law calls, he doesn't hesitate to go to his son's side. At the hospital, Kenichi doesn't want to see his father, who goes away hurt.

After Riu has given Takata a tape of his son's film on Chinese opera, which he loves, and was not able to finish, he suddenly decides to surprise Kenichi with a film where he will capture this opera for him. Little prepares the older Takata for what he will find. First, what appeared to be an easy task, becomes a project in which Takata was not counting on.

When Takata is told about his son's death, he becomes even more passionate in finishing the job for what he came to a remote spot in China, even when he has to fight the local bureaucracy and the red tape he finds is hindering him from what he came to get. Basically, this story is about the guilt Takata feels for abandoning his only son. When Takata learns that the main opera singer Li Jiamin is in prison and his small son Yang Yang is unhappy as he will be sent away, it makes him more resolute to finish the job.

Director Yimou Zhang shows why he is one of the best Chinese directors of his generation. Mr. Zhang takes us for a magical ride into a culture to meet its richness and the wonderful Chinese people, who are no different from Tanaka, or from us, for that matter. The brilliant photography by Zhao Xiaoding, showing splendid views of the mountains in Yunan province, are too beautiful for words.

The film was a tribute to that marvelous Japanese actor, Ken Takakura, one of the giants in that country's cinema. There is not a false move from Mr. Takakura throughout the film. He is worth the price of admission. Shinobu Terajima is seen briefly as Riu. Jiamin Li, Liu Qui, Jian Wen, and the cute Zhenbo Yang, who appears as Yang Yang, contribute to make the film the joy it is.

Yimou Zhang clearly demonstrates why he is one of the best.

Reviewed by lastliberal 8 / 10

Yimou Zhang hits another out the park.

I never fail to be enchanted by Yimou Zhang's films. Curse of the Golden Flower, hero, House of Flying Daggers - they are all superb and pleasurable on so many levels. I can just imagine what we be be seeing at the opening and closing of the Olympics next year.

This film, while not on the scale of the others, is no less powerful and pleasurable.

Ken Takakura (Black Rain, Mr. Baseball, The Yakuza) doesn't give us one of those performances that earned him the name "The Japanese Clint Eastwood." It is a tender and touching performance that shows his deep acting skills. One might compare it to Eastwood's performance in Unforgiven.

He travels to China to get closer to his son, to whom he is estranged, and finds himself in the process. Xiaoding Zhao's cinematography that so trilled us in House of Flying Daggers is no less impressive here. The beauty of China is there for all to enjoy.

This sound by Jing Tao is equally impressive, as it was in the movies mentioned above. Jingzhi Zou's screenplay will bring you to tears and make you assess your own relationships and maybe get them straight before it is too late.

While there were many excellent performance, and Takakura's was outstanding, I would be remiss not mentioning Lin Qiu, who was really good in his first film as a translator who spoke little Japanese.

Another outstanding film by Zhang and Takakura.

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