Right in Front of Me


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Janel Parrish as Carly Mason
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Kandyse McClure as Kira McCabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Second chances

Will admit to not being massively crazy about the 2021 Spring Fling films in general. Of the previously aired Spring Fling films, 'As Luck Would Have It' (which oddly enough actually had the least appealing idea out of all of them) was the only one that for me was good and managed to be among the best 2021 Hallmark films too. 'Right in Front of Me' didn't sound like anything novel, but it also did sound charming and have been known to be on the same page as the Hallmark regular viewers here that liked this film.

'Right in Front of Me' left me very conflicted. Didn't hate it, with the cast being the main reason for it just about being watchable, far from it, but also did not love it as too much of the story was very weak. The premise didn't sound bad at all, but the film doesn't do enough with me. It is also one of those films that does get better if given a chance but it does take a while to get there and one cannot be blamed for strongly considering bailing during the first 30-35 minutes.

Am going to start with mentioning the good. Janel Parrish and Marco Grazzini are very appealing and easy to like leads, and succeed in making their characters real with strengths and flaws without over-doing either. Grazzini especially, being the slightly more consistent one of the two (Parrish took a little longer to grow into the role), is beautifully understated and charming. The chemistry between them is cute, never ill at ease and seemed genuine, the relationship also develops more believably than most Hallmark relationships. The supporting cast are solid.

The production values are also very nicely done, the beautiful scenery looking quite photogenic on camera. There are moments of charm and genuinely amusing playfulness and the film does have characters that didn't come over too much like over-perfect or over-negative stereotypical ciphers, a big common problems with Hallmark (especially the Christmas output).

On the other hand, the story is a major weakness. It is paper thin with an especially interminably dull and literally uneventful first 30-35 minutes, where bailing is considered. It does get better, but it is basically a more of the same variation of the common formula with not much freshness outside of the chemistry. The script does come over as stilted and corny at times and the charm and warmth could have been more consistent.

Did find the final quarter on the forced side in the writing and the ending too tidy. The direction is workmanlike at best and there is not much that is memorable about the music.

In conclusion, watchable but conflicting feelings here. 5/10.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Janel Parrish

Anything positive for me in this movie is Janel Parrish. I loved Holly and Ivy and the character of Melody. Parrish has hints of that same character here although not quite as selfless.

The plot revolves around the triangle with Carly and her college crush and Nick. That means a lot of screen time with the crush and Carly, but that felt like a waste to me. With Nick, I was distracted by what seemed like his determination to get fired. He rebels against Chef Edward from the beginning. In short, the story didn't appeal to me.

Reviewed by cgvsluis 6 / 10

I loved this sweet little romance that should have been called "The Tiny Fork"!

This was a sleepy little surprise that I absolutely loved! The story is about Carly who had to work her way through college and ended up playing it a little bit safe with her career. Carly has a successful bridal styling business, but with a degree in design should really be designing for her own label. She is quite successful at what she does and is booked for every weekend for the next year, until her latest celebrity wedding ups the date by three days...freeing her up for the weekend to take up her friend on her offer to treat her to a spa weekend at the lodge she manages outside of San Francisco. There Carly meets the events chef Nick, who really wants to have his own restaurant and make some experimental Asian fusion foods. Carly is so natural with Nick that not only do the two really hit it off, but they get to know each other's passions and foibles...including Carly's quirky eat desserts at home thing. She becomes his official taste tester and he becomes her wingman as it turns out there is a wedding of some old college acquaintances and her college crush is there to attend.

Nick and Carly have wonderful chemistry and are the exact kind of sweet lovely people that you want to know and root for in a delightful romance.

I thought this would be one of the standard Hallmark Rom-Com's, but I ended up being delightfully surprised. It was so much more. I loved the showcasing of some different careers. I loved people being nice to one another...for no other reason than to just be nice and help one another. And I truly loved the tiny fork story, with both the follow through on a thoughtful thank you gift and the naming of the restaurant (although I am really surprised the restaurant wasn't named Lola).

This may be the best Hallmark Romantic Comedy that I have seen this year.

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