Right to Believe



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ethal-10611 1 / 10

Dull, homophobic propaganda...

It's the same stale brand of ignorant homophobic hate speech backed up by tired stereotypes and "facts" that were long ago proven false that Christians always use to recruit gullible bigots into their ranks. The filmmakers are clearly just trying (and failing) to validate their blind hatred and fear of the LGBTQ community. On top of its intolerance, it's also just plain BORING. You're essentially watching a man playing a game of chess, telling his opponent which moves to make, "expertly" countering those moves, and then thinking that means he "won." Do yourself and humanity a favor and skip this feature length, watered down for basic cable Westboro Baptist Church rant...

Reviewed by FridayElmStreet 1 / 10

Bigoted and very dull. One of the worst films imaginable.

Right To Believe is about a reporter that has to do a report on Gay Pride Day. Instead of covering the story by interviewing a parade organizer and writing the story like he is supposed to it turns into a debate between religion and homosexuality. Why would anyone want to make or be involved with this junk film? Its a anti gay propaganda film thats not only highly bigoted its very boring as well. One of the worst films I have ever seen.

Reviewed by floraposteschild 1 / 10

Bore the gay away

One man's fight to prevent men from walking around in groups -- so timely! Otherwise, it's hard to guess who this movie was made for. Maybe for people who have not met a gay person, to speak to, and written by people who have met one a couple times, and yet survived. However, several long, dull scenes turn on gay people being deeply impressed by what is written in the Bible, without seemingly being Christians. So, this is my best guess: if you're a gay evangelical who has never read the Bible, and doesn't know who people like Darwin and Kinsey are or what they did, this is your movie. Favourite character is the protagonist's wife, who kind of wants to stone the gays, but doesn't want anyone to say we should stone the gays.

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