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Steve Le Marquand as Sergeant Evans
Hanna Mangan Lawrence as Gabrielle Antolovich
Kate Box as Marg McMann
George Harrison Xanthis as Constable Agostini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robfwalter 9 / 10

A brave, honest account of an important chapter in gay and lesbian history

I think Riot, particularly in the way it's structured, is quite a brave film. It doesn't try to glorify the story of the first Mardi Gras or recast the gaining of gay rights as some kind of dramatic collective social awakening. It's just about the thankless grind of activism and the way activism interacts, enriches and detracts from the lives of activists. In that way, it's not an ambitious film. It certainly doesn't tell you how to feel with grand turning points and emotional crescendos. For me, however, the magic was in the characters - thoughtfully fleshed out and lovingly brought to life, they made me care about a story whose ending I already knew. Yes, there are occasional moments where characters shoutily dump exposition onto people who knew all of it anyway, but I've never seen a historical movie about activism that didn't have that. Those moments were few and far between, though. Mostly this movie is a moving portrayal of the heroes who made the world a better place for people like me and the punches they took and the sacrifices they made along the way.

Reviewed by tartansuitcase 4 / 10

It's ok

An interesting history. Good actors, all of them, a so-so ok script with some clunky dialogue.

The script would have worked fine if the director was up to the challenge, however this well-meant tv movie falls down flat.

I don't understand why Australian tv-show/movie directors approach their show like they're a film student being given an episode of Home and Away to direct. No imagination, no sensitivity to the subject or the medium of film. And the by-the-numbers daytime soap musical interjections were toe-curling.

The end montage of actors with the actual person was moving. More could have been made of this.

In all, it's an ok movie, the sense of community is well created and the actors and subject make it worth a watch.

One day maybe a good movie will be made of the history of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

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