Ripper Untold



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 3 / 10

Low Budget Twist

Script isn't great. Acting is passable. Sets are minimalistic. Predictable. Nothing spectacular but looked as there was some heart put into the project.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

I sent the maid away

This is a fictional account (with fictional characters) about the Jack the Ripper killings. It centers on Thomas (Jonathan Hansler) who works at the morgue who seems to have a recollection about every girl. Thomas has a drinking problem and has been cut off by his wife.

The film doesn't show any killings, but does show dead bodies. It does give us a killer at the end which had clues and is a twist. I wish the presentation wasn't so dry.

Guide: Sex and nudity (Leah Valentine, Kirsty Baxter, Melody Smith)

Reviewed by drwbonfield 3 / 10

Valiant effort on a budge of £3.50

You got to applaud the effort here... but at the end of day this isn't a good movie. Lots of close up shots of banisters and people walking up and down stairs. To make up for the poor script they fill voids with really unconvincing music... which doesn't build any suspense or tension. A decent shot of a bird with her wazzers out... so fair play on that one. It was actually a decent twist at the end... and like i said it's a decent effort on small budget.

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