Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by earthocean-69236 9 / 10

Very Good Hallmark Movie!!

I really liked all the cast. I thought both Scott and Maestro did a excellent job but. Ballentine (Gemma) was the real reason this movie was so very good!

Reviewed by toncincin 9 / 10

Delightful movie

This movie is a throwback to the old days of Hallmark - it's a Hall of Fame quality movie. It's an uplifting story - with a little romance and family thrown in. Loved the way his niece made him see things a little differently. This helped him through the relationship problems with his wife. The issues between Benedict and Charlie weren't 100% resolved - but you could see the road to resolution in the future. Thoroughly enjoyable. Tom Everett Scott never disappoints. Good job Hallmark!

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10


This is a romantic story about a separated couple being shepherded back together by a supposed 16 year old niece. For me, the niece Gemma was the highlight, but the reconciliation story was sweet also.

Acting is good. There is chemistry between Mía Maestro and Tom Everett Scott. Despite the separation, Gemma's line that they are hopelessly in love (or just hopeless) is accurate even from the beginning. Emilia's character has been too much taken for granted and she needed far more comfort from her husband through their failed efforts at conceiving a child. That's where Gemma comes in. All of this is laid out fairly early in the story.

The general outcome is predictable as is Gemma's role in it. Even so Ella Ballentine's energy as Gemma, and how she infects Benedict with it, is a joy to watch. Maestro is immediately sympathetic as Emilia. She has a elegant beauty and a appealing personality.

Perhaps I should have expected the conflict because something from that direction was inevitable, but it caught me a little by surprise in how it played out.

My only complaint is that the 20 year old, Ballentine, seemed even more mature to me and I had a hard time accepting her as 16.

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