Road to Berlin

2015 [RUSSIAN]

Drama / War

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 499

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by normanb-51943 10 / 10


This film has been made with a modest budget . But there is no modesty in the themes it so tellingly portrays . All the clumsiness of huge organisations , all the nobility of the individuals that have to deal with that clumsiness .

A small masterpiece .

Reviewed by chrissso 6 / 10

Great Period Piece but

I'm interested in Russian Media's perspective of the Great Patriotic War and from that perspective this is a good period piece. More so this film … like other recent Mosfilm and Star Media productions … is well produced and utilizes very appropriate actors. So this film … clocking in at a puny 82 minutes … is by no means a waste of time.

That said this story does not make sense to me. I mean is there person out there that gets wrongfully sentenced to death for cowardliness that is so cooperative … so honest … so noble? Seriously! At one point he trades his prize possession … his Grandfather's pocket watch … for a new pair of boots for his captor … the guy marching him of to death??? There are several other examples of Ogarkov's silliness. His character doesn't no make sense and because of that the plot is seriously damaged.

A few interesting notes: This appears to be a remake of an early 1960's Mosfilm production entitled Dvoe v stepi (Two in the Steppe). Additionally the film gives credit to the war diaries of Konstantin Simonov so there is some history here.

In summary … interesting look at Russian WW2 culture but pretty silly … 6 of 10 stars

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Reviewed by mchenrykrm 5 / 10

Weak for a Russian made war film

I am a big fan of Russian cinema but this movie fell short of my expectations. An officer accused of cowardliness is sentenced to death and the soldier assigned to guard him and he go through several adventures.

The film is watchable but I never really identified with the characters or grasped the point. The plot was bland and the battle sequences lack the intensity and realism I have seen in other Russian films. Too many cliche's and far fetched scenes.

There are some technical issues such as that I think German Tiger tanks are shown where in 1942 they were not yet available. During the river crossing scene where it is supposed pitch black there is a part where the boy and guard are shown in bright light. It also seemed odd that at times the two walked around in the wide open when in areas crawling with Germans.

The convicted officer goes from being terrified in wake of his expected execution to being fully complaint to the authority of a single guard of whom he could have escaped from or overpowered at many points. Eventually the two connect so strongly that when the guard dies his prisoner goes to the authorities to accept his fate. Far fetched and the relationship is not well depicted by the actors.

Overall the filmed just had a rushed feel to it as if the directors and cast were going through the motions to knock the film out.

Finally, why the title Road to Berlin? The very end is in Germany but nothing in the plot really has anything to do with the drive to Berlin except that the war ends there.

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