Road to Mars

2017 [SPANISH]

Adventure / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 899

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guapo_andres 10 / 10

Best Mexican Film in these last years so far

Seriously, you need to watch this charming, sweet and lovely Sci-Fi Road Trip film about 2 girls, one of them sick that make this journey around Baja California to the special place, but they have to meet Mark, a guy who says he is an Alien and the world is gonna finish. With a really good cast, good script and well photography & plus that final twist, this movie shows us that mexican films can still be good

Reviewed by durtalique 6 / 10

Tries to go somewhere, but doesn't make it easy for every movie-goer

I'll get this out of the way: It was about euthanasia and the feelings associated with it. (IMHO)

BEGIN SPOILERS: The movie presents the premise through a journey. It starts with the protagonist yearning to be free and go out of the hospital, back to her past life. She makes the clear purpose to burn bridges and get to her final destination to die. Her friend represents her family and people close to her that don't want to let her die.

What about the dude? Well, he's a clean slate of contemplation. He's the outsider looking in. He tries to help both of the girls coping with death and letting go, enjoying just the present. END SPOILERS:

I believe that the movie is quite slow-paced and can make most people anxious or feeling that nothing is going on. And I agree. It does feel quite stretched. Camila Sodi's performance seems quite limited; and her "norteña" accent can be distracting. Luis Gerardo performs ok, but the role wasn't all that difficult for someone with his experience. That leaves us with Tessa's performance, which is the best among the three.

Reviewed by varijocol 7 / 10

A well paced indie kind of story for exquisite viewers

I loved it. It's an interesting friendship story with splendid characters who portray both characteristics of an indie film: raw inspirational settings and original profiles. It's an uncommon but unconventional subject for a latin film.

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