RoboCop 2


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Fabiana Udenio as Sunblock 5000 Woman
Peter Weller as Robocop
Nancy Allen as Anne Lewis
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Reviewed by XweAponX 10 / 10

Much better than I remembered.

Irvin Kershner, who also directed probably the best Star Wars film "The Empire Strikes Back", does homage to Verhoeven's directorial style in this first sequel. Apparently Frank Miller wrote the original script, but Kershner didn't use much of it, but Miller hung around anyway.

We see many of the original actors return, especially in the OCP offices. The Newsbreak anchors. Also, many new faces. Who cast this? It is a veritable assembly of character actors who had been in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The Kid from the opening Robo Drug Bust scene, "Hob" (Gabriel Damon) who taunts Robo, played opposite Michael Dorn in "The Bonding". Mark Rolston who was also in 'Aliens", was in "Eye of the Beholder" and also one episode of Star Trek Continues. Stephen Lee "Duffy" was the target of an Alien Assasin in "The Vengeance Factor". Jeff McCarthy was "Roga Danar", a supersoldier who Troi befriends. Maybe there are more TNG Alumni. Most likely, these are the actors Central Casting used back in 1990 when this was made, and we can virtually date when a film of series was made simply by the guest stars and extras.

Tom Noonan, from "Manhunter", is "Cain", a guy who makes Dope that makes Dope look like a weenie roast, and he's nasty. Noonan always plays great crooks, and he eventually becomes something worse for the final act of this film.

But what boggles me is that as sequels go, this isn't that bad, although not quite as good as the original. From the start is has some of the same elements that made RoboCop great. But you never know what's going to be a hit or not. This film has much of the look and feel of RoboCop, but for some reason it didn't go over. Of course there are plenty of problems and weak spots, but it is interesting to watch this in relation to the Original RoboCop and the reboot RoboCop from 2014.

Again, most of this was practical effects, but in 1990 some primitive CGI was used here. If you don't get caught up in the problems with this film, it does become part of the 3-film Robo story, concluded in Robo 3 with a different actor than Weller.

Reviewed by view_and_review 8 / 10

Should've Stopped at Two

Robocop 2 was one of those rare sequels in which it was better than the first. Much like Godfather they should've stopped at two.

In this installment Detroit is bankrupt and in debt to OCP (Omni Consumer Products). OCP plans to foreclose all of the city of Detroit's holdings and effectively take over the city. All the while there is a Nuke outbreak. Nuke is a dangerous drug that has much of the city strung out. Though the police are on strike, Robocop continues to fight crime.

I think the story was good and it all set up for a super bout at the end. ED 209 from the first Robocop was a toy compared to the newest death machine Robocop has to battle. In 1990 this movie was visually stunning to me. Today it doesn't hold the same lore but it's still good.

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 6 / 10

Kershner's comic book style!!

I really tried like it yesterday when l'd watched on Blu-ray,even in high definition didn't change the bad feeling about almost 16 years before,l realize that comic book style oriented in the whole picture by Kershner,children stealing a shop,bad guys stealing tin can of an old homeless woman,a child leading a gang is too much and improper to young audiences,not to mention a few appearences of Nancy Allen...anyway a strong color of neverending violence,also a hard SFX mixed with a bad ultimate Robocop angry by a new didn't work out seriously as did the first one!!


First watch: 1992 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.25

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