Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie



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Reviewed by trevorwomble 9 / 10

A warm, affectionate, funny and honest look at the legendary Otway and his career

I've seen John Otway several times throughout the years after being introduced to his presence through viz comic in the 80s.

I often wondered if the manic, egotistical but musically limited man I saw perform both with his band and with wild willy Barrett was a front to a normal man who found a niche for himself in rock and roll with a unique act. But have no fear, he really is as mad and bonkers as his stage persona.

I saw this film while channel hopping recently, having no idea of its existence. However it is absolutely fantastic and one of the best music documentaries I have seen. In fact it is almost like watching a real life spinal tap type film, except this isn't him hamming it up, this the genuine article.

The film covers his career from when he first made a name for himself famously falling of a Marshall amp whilst performing on the BBC's legendary rock show 'The Old Grey whistle test' in the late 1970s through to right up to the films London premiere in the summer of 2013. For a man who saw himself as the next Bowie but fell very short it's amazing he's somehow managed to scrape a living with a very loyal fan base and lots of goodwill from people in the industry.

Otway is a genuine one-off. The anecdotes from his previous producers and band members are at times hilarious, with Otway both sometimes genuine and sometimes playing to the camera. Yet the film is never disrespectful to him or his fan base. It may acknowledge his shortfalls but his manic style is there for all to see. He has also been clever enough to surround himself with some genuinely talented musicians who are completely at odds with his bumbling amateur style. Plus it features one of the funniest takes on his song 'head butts' I've seen.

For a man who somehow has defied logic and scraped a living for forty years on the stage and with a couple of hit singles behind him, this film explains why he has appeal despite not being particularly talented (although occasionally he will surprise you like his ability to play the theremin). So just sit back and enjoy the show.

Reviewed by mary-821 10 / 10

Failure? Not this film!

A very funny film featuring Aylesbury's Two-hit Twit and First Man of Failure, John Otway, conducting a masterclass for bemused schoolchildren, to show them How Not to Be a Success. A case of "Mothers, tell your children not to do what I have done", to quote the B-side of a certain Top Ten hit. This film quells any doubts that Otway might be in danger of becoming more sensible as he ages and is probably the only movie in history where nobody attending the premiere could predict the ending, which was still in production. This was a brilliant twist and a big gamble; full credit should go to the editors for pulling it off.

Otway the Movie should win awards. I can't wait for the DVD!

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