Rock My World


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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Give a man a mask and he'll show his true face

A rock band with issues opt for a get away to record some new tunes with a new lead (Alicia Silverstone). Their host are the actual owners, down on their luck, pretending to be the butler and cook. Meanwhile the band's record company is attempting to get them to sign a contract that has fine print they won't like. Since our butler, Lord Foxley (Peter O'Toole ) is also a lawyer, we know where this formula film leads.

The film has charm, but is hardly a classic or even a good comedy. Worth watching one time through.

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 7 / 10

Erratic, but still enjoyable enough

A hot American rock band hide out at the posh country estate of the stuffy Lord Foxley (delightfully played by Peter O'Toole) and his kindly wife Lady Foxley (a fine and dignified performance by Joan Plowright), who are forced to pass themselves off as measly servants due to financial dire straights. Meanwhile, spunky new bass player Nat (a winningly sparky portrayal by Alicia Silverstone) faces opposition from several group members after she replaces the original frontman who has mysteriously disappeared. Directed with a rather unsteady hand by usually reliable veteran Sidney J. Furie and further marred by a pretty sloppy script by Mark Mills, this somewhat uneasy, yet still lively and hence entertaining blend of comedy and drama never quite manages to find a completely consistent tone and throws way too many narrative threads into the air without getting them to cohere in a wholly satisfying way, but nevertheless somehow oddly works thanks primarily to the spot-on wonderful chemistry between O'Toole and Plowright. Moreover, the sound acting by the able cast holds the picture together: Jaimz Woolvett as charming songwriter Leo, Keram Malicki-Sanchez as the moody Flit, Christopher Bolton as the groovy Carl, Lochlyn Munro as amiable stoner drummer Dave, Martin Clune as shifty record company executive James Chancellor, Amy Phillips as the sweet Georgia, and Alex Karzis as arrogant jerk Ben. A flawed, but overall fun little film.

Reviewed by =G= 6 / 10

A fun little "sleeper"

"Rock My World" - a much better title than "Global Heresy" - tells of a stodgy English Lord and Lady (O'Toole & Plowright) who, in need of cash, play butler and maid in their country mansion to an American rock band on retreat. Most of the comedy in this earnest little "sleeper" comes from the obvious class/culture clashing as the story manages warmth and poignant moments with criss-crossing subplots while keeping the rock music to a minimum. Silverstone, who occupies the entire VHS cover, is little more than a prop with O'Toole and Plowright getting the lion's share of screen time. A slow starter which is a tad corny around the edges, "RMW" is probably suffering from under-marketing as the minimal interest in the film represented by this website is out of proportion to the film's potential mass appeal. Good stuff for PG-13's (language & drugs) and up. (B-)

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