Rock the House


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Reviewed by drippan-1 4 / 10

A movie to see once and that's it.

This is a typical divorced overworked father who is going through a midlife crisis. He is very demanding of his daughter though he pays little attention to her. When he goes to his 30 year high school reunion, he meets up with his old garage band buddies and they decide to restart that part of their lives. The music and him returning to playing the guitar starts to bring him and his daughter closer since she never knew this side of him.

The best scene in the movie is when the daughter tells her dad she is tired of hearing "I'm sorry". Cassi Thomson did an amazing job in that scene. The other plus was Helen Slater as her supportive, understanding mother.

There were several parts that should have been changed in the writing like 3 guys going through midlife crisis. One was an over exaggerated bachelor and the other was a father who obviously couldn't control his 3 boys. Add a 4th person, a female, and it seemed all of them just wanted to go back to high school vice being grown ups.

What really was bad was the singing by the Cassi. We constantly heard all the band members complimenting her on her voice but either her father or the instrumentals overpowered anything she was doing. Even her one little solo part at the end could not be heard.

This is a nice little movie to see once. It had some good writing but the overacting by the adults lessened any true value to this movie.

Reviewed by ugablondie 5 / 10


Cute film, alittle sappy. They couldn't remember what color Benz he drove. Black, silver or gold. Left the house one time in a black Benz and pulled up at her school in a silver one. You'd think more attention would be paid to such a simple thing.

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