Rocket Hunter


Action / War

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Reviewed by bobsaero-1 1 / 10


As a War Film, it is painful to watch.A flying B-17 with the sound track of a Cessna? All flying scenes appear to be those of a first time RC operator. Major continuity problems when two man B-17 crew bail out and unexplainedly shows up in Britain. German Train Engineer has a radio and talks in English with B-17 Crew? A better Title might have been. "It Gets Worse". The Script is hard to follow until you accept the pointlessness of trying.

Reviewed by majones-93188 1 / 10

Dreadful film

Possibly the worst film I have ever seen. The special effects department must have had a budget of around £2, and the acting is just awful. I've seen puppet shows with better acting.

Reviewed by Bob_Harris_UK 1 / 10

The Village Amateur Dramatics Society rents a video camera, to make a movie.

This has to be the worst 'movie' that I've ever seen, and if that's what the people who made this 'movie' were hoping to achieve, then they have succeeded beyond all expectations.

Where do I begin? From start to finish, the acting was less than the village amateur dramatic society would have reached on a bad day. The 'effects' were cringe worthy at best. The script was appalling. I could go on, but I've lost the will.

Let's look at a major aspect of the 'story' line: the aircraft. All aircraft in this 'movie' are radio-controlled models. No attempt was made to disguise this in any way whatsoever.

The 'German' train/locomotive is nothing less than an obviously American steam loco, and still shows it's American 481 insignia. Later in the movie, a child's toy train set is used to show the train crashing an exploding.

Amazingly, for WW2, the 'German' locomotive engineer/driver is able to make radio contact with an American Bomber aircraft, asking him not to bomb the train.

During a discussion, a German SS officer describes distance in Kilo's instead of Kilometres. So he actually describing weight instead of distance. The same can be said of using the phrase to "Turn-on-a-dime", which no German would have ever used. All aircraft cockpit views is just a few badly riveted metal frames, and are no better than a cardboard box. A British pub/bar is nothing more than a few planks of wood, nailed together, as are some of the German Rocket Factory offices.

During an 'Air Raid", German guards can be seen rushing out and randomly shooting at absolutely nothing In a London home, there's a telephone that doesn't ring, but the 'British' guy picks up the phone anyway and answers it with "Hello"

The list could go on, but the bottom line is, this is one terrible movie, and probably doesn't even rate worthy of a Rotten Tomato Award.

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