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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rob-O-Cop 8 / 10

Fantastic, spirited, moving, funny, regardless of you point of view. RIP Mike

A very well made movie. Gripping and watchable from the start to finish. Shows the triumph of the human spirit to make things happen, although it also shows the happy go lucky devil may care aspects too. A balancing act.

Sadly Mike died after the making of this movie in his next rocket launch. On February 22, 2020, Hughes died near Barstow, California, following the crash of a rocket he was piloting. During launch, the rocket's parachute, which was designed for landing, appeared to deploy early and detach from the craft.

His PR manager said "We used flat Earth as a PR stunt... Flat Earth allowed us to get so much publicity that we kept going! I know he didn't believe in flat Earth and it was a schtick."

Long live the memory of Mad Mike Hughes RIP.

Reviewed by LLgoatJ 9 / 10

Nothing to do with flat earth. Entertaining story.

I nearly didn't watch this as I thought it would be about the earth being flat. However it really is about a man and his dreams and the people that help him. The story is about Mike Hughes who wants to build a rocket to travel into space to see if the earth is flat. Most of the film is about him building a smaller steam powered rocket and launching it with him in it to go much less a distance but to get attention for the bigger project. At first he seems crazy but it is more passion than anything. The documentary draws you in and you genuinely want him to succeed. Its not about engineering or space it is about people. About Mike. Waldo the actual rocket engineer and the other people who help. It is a really nice story and there is no judging or fact checking. It just lets the people say what they want. I really don't believe Mike thought the earth was flat. I get the impression it was just another way of getting publicity to reach his goals. It kept me interested for the whole film. There really was no bits you lost interest or it dragged. Like I said, its just a story about a passionate man that draws you in and ends up with you wanting him to succeed. After you watch this, you really should Google what happened to him after the film as there should be sequel of what happened next.

Reviewed by pranderson063095 4 / 10

4 For Adequate Production Value

The story lacks what a good documentary needs - a plausible objective. So if you are going to watch, wrap your scientific and sane parts in a box by the door. Not one scene provides any idea that Mad Mike puts value in being alive. His only value is his dedication to being stubbornly and certifiably deluded. This was not a mission. It becomes obvious that the film is a comedy in the theatre of the absurd.

"I just want to do it." He says. Not quite the same as those who are asked why they do something difficult might answer, "Because I can."

It the end I actually admire Evil Kenevil "rocket jump" over Snake River more than Mad Mike who does not even know that social security numbers are not "three sets of three". They are sets of 3-2-4 digits.

The best guess we have is that all those helping Mad Mike are using him to punk all of us who bit and watched the show. It's up to each to judge the effort as spectacular or not.

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